overcome psychological ED e1436281765836 300x238 3 PHYSICAL Tricks To Overcome PSYCHOLOGICAL EDPsychological ED hits men of all ages…

Young men first starting out on their sex lives…

Older men who may have recently been divorced, and are having sex with someone new after YEARS of being with the same person.

There are all sorts of psychological causes to erectile dysfunction. Even when there is a strong physical cause, such as diabetes or blood pressure meds, these psychological blocks can play a STRONG role.

But the good news is that Viagra isn’t the only answer to overcoming psychological ED.

Beating the problem in the mind is the majority of the battle, but physical techniques can help as well…

In order to beat this mental erectile dysfunction, you need 1) reduce your anxiety… and 2) increase your mental arousal.

Admitting you are human, and anxious, can reduce the anxiety’s chokehold on your arousal.  Getting as mentally “horny” as possible, without thinking about your erection, will pump some life into your erection (for more in-depth mental techniques to overcome psychological ED, click here…).

Once your erection has some life to it (some blood-flow, a “semi-erection”), these three forms of physical stimulation can help get you all the way hard (and stay hard):

1) Placing Her Hands On Your Testicles Or Penis

When I was younger, and I faced psychological ED, I used to try and play with my own penis to wake it up… I would go down on the girl, and play with my penis, hoping it would come to life… usually the opposite would happen… it would shrink up even more.

There’s nothing stronger than the “electrical pulse” of another woman playing with your penis (or testicles), providing it with the type of stimulation to bring life to it.  The physical touch of a woman’s hands on these erogenous zones will wake your erection up, and bring it to life, way more than your own hands can.

I sometimes put a woman’s hands on my testicles while making out with her, or becoming mentally aroused, and even ask her to give them a slight squeeze… this kicks a jolt of life into them.

2) Standing Up

I personally can become better aroused when standing up… I ask the girl to stand up as well, and use her body to become mentally and physically aroused.  Something about the way the blood flows, makes it easier to get an erection than when lying down.

3) Slapping the Penis Against Her Legs (or Butt or Boobs… Or Anywhere Else)

Once your penis has a “jolt” of life to it, start slapping it against her leg, or anywhere else (putting her doggystyle, and slapping it against her butt, is nice too… no eyes “judging” what’s going on with your penis)… this “fortifies” the penis.  A penis that has been fortified for some time stays hard longer than one that is not fully hard.

(tip: before putting on the condom, make sure your erection is “fortified” as well, at least for a minute or so with some good stimulation – and don’t freak out when putting on the condom… take your time, just stay mentally aroused, and if anything ask her to play with your testicles in the meantime).


As mentioned above, you need to overcome psychological ED in the mind first, but these physical techniques help.

To teach you how to be calm in battle, and allow arousal to fully grow even in high pressure situations, there are some more advanced techniques.  There are also exercises/techniques you can do to develop physically harder, longer lasting erections… erections that become fully hard quickly, are extremely hard, and do not go soft (even for a long time after ejaculation)… for more info on this guide to overall stronger erections, and more advanced mental techniques to overcome psychological ED, click here…

For more information on how to be an overall better lover, including how to last longer during sex, give women orgasms during penetration, eliminate your refractory period and more, click here…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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