8 Tips To Keep Hard Erections & High Testosterone

erectile dysfunction in young men e1440179908539 300x250 8 Tips To Keep Hard Erections & High TestosteroneStudies have shown that approximately one in four men under the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction.

And while up until now, psychological issues have always been to blame for erectile dysfunction in young men, it appears that the same physical culprits found in older men’s ED very often play a role as well in younger cases:

Smoking… obesity… lack of sleep… malnutrition… low T… medications… etc.

Some other findings of the study:

  • Men in the younger group experienced premature ejaculation more often than older men
  • The younger group experienced more ED from illicit drug use (party time!)
  • Older men had higher amounts of body fat

These other findings aren’t exactly shocking, but the fact that so many young men are experiencing ED due to physical causes is quite alarming!

However, all you have to do is get your body back on track, and get your health together, for your erection’s sake!!

8 Tips To Keep A Strong Body, High Testosterone, Healthy Circulation, and Therefore, Harder Erections

Erectile dysfunction coincides with poor health and nutritional conditions… improve your physical, mental, and hormonal conditions, and you will be able to get harder erections that stay hard longer… and be able to stay away from the Viagra

1) Do Some Cardio

Even if it’s not much, get body moving, and your blood pumping. Besides the endorphin boost, which will improve your mood, and subsequently your interest in sex, the improved circulation will allow you to achieve harder, better quality erections.

(note: don’t overdo the cardio, either… excessive cardio can KILL your T levels).

2) Up Your Carb Intake – All The While Keeping Your Stomach Slim!

I put both of these together, as it’s a balancing act.

Diets higher in carbs have been shown to keep testosterone levels healthy, compared to low-carb diets. As a matter of fact, carbs have been shown to have a stronger positive influence on your T levels than protein!

Testosterone, called the male sex hormone for a reason, is important for your libido and strength of erections.

On the other hand excess stomach fat can increase your estradiol (a form of estrogen), so you want to keep the stomach fat down…


It’s alright… just slow down on the carbs at night, and make sure to eat a fair amount of carbs after a workout… carbs restore the excess calories burned during exercise, and your T levels will otherwise plummet if not for the saving graces of carbs.

Also, see step one. Do some cardio to burn calories, and limit the intake of other unnecessary calories, especially fluffy, starchy, nutrient-less carbs, such as crackers, cookies, candies, etc.

3) Get Your Vitamin D – Whether Through Sunlight, Milk, Fortified Orange Juice or Supplements!

vitamin d and testosterone e1433199918497 300x253 8 Tips To Keep Hard Erections & High TestosteroneLow Vitamin D has been tied to low testosterone levels, and with more than 75% of the adult population having low vitamin D levels, think of the easiest way to charge up your T!

Drink some Vitamin D fortified milk, orange juice, get some sunlight (don’t overdo it, and put sunscreen if out for a while), or take Vitamin D supplements!

Vitamin D supplements alone have been shown to improve T levels, probably because so many men are low on Vitamin D, and this just restores you to normal levels.

Not to mention the other benefits Vitamin D has on healthy bones, teeth, and prevention of cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis… all causes of ED… and much worse…

Keeping your Vitamin D in healthy ranges may be one of the most important keys to a strong body, healthy T levels, and getting harder erections!

4) Protein And Fats ARE Important, Though!!

Although science gives the win to carbs over protein, protein provides your body with strength, nourishment, the “building blocks” to build muscle, and makes you feel “full” as well.

If you were to only eat carbs, you would stay very hungry!

While not many studies are conclusive on protein’s effect on testosterone (or at least aren’t readily available), the effects of eating protein are apparent on your mood and overall sense of well-being.

Fats, on the other hand, HAVE BEEN shown to increase testosterone production. Meanwhile, low-fat diets have the opposite effect.

So eat that bacon cheeseburger with mayo once a week… your nuts will thank you.

5) Use It Or Lose It – Masturbate or Have Sex On A Regular Basis For A Healthy Erection

Some men believe in “storing up your semen” to gain strength, based on ancient Taoist principles.

And while science has shown that T levels do increase when holding back from ejaculating, in the long run, your erections may suffer if you do not regularly “exercises” your penis, whether that be through masturbation or sex.

EXCESS T from sexually frustrating yourself, in the end, won’t be the best for your libido either… in time, you will experience insomnia (lack of sleep lowers testosterone, too, see below), excess stress levels, and increased anger and mood swings.

EVERYTHING IN MODERATION MY FRIEND. Ejaculate AT LEAST a couple of times a week.

Not to mention, if you want harder erections that stay hard longer, you need an erection that’s “in shape”.

When refraining from ejaculating, your penis doesn’t go through the motions (becoming erect and ejaculating), and it can “become rusty” or out of shape, almost.

Keep your penis conditioned.

6) Sleep Well

When you sleep, you recharge your T levels, improve your metabolism (which lower stomach fat), improve muscle healing and increase growth hormone (bigger muscles), and improve circulation (better erection quality).

Don’t skimp too much on your z’s… get your 8 hours when you can.

7) Lift Weights

One of the most powerful “man-making” pieces of advice I can give you. Get in the gym and lift.

Even if just a couple of times a week. Power / compound workouts, workouts that work a number of muscles out at the same time.  1) working out, in itself, increases testosterone, which will lead to harder erections, and 2) having more muscle mass on the body increases testosterone, even while at rest.

Working out early in the day also preserves your T levels for the rest of that day, keeping the reduction in testosterone from happening that occurs in most men due to the accumulation of your daily stresses.

8) Watch Porn To Bring Some Life To Your Libido

porn does not cause erectile dysfunction1 8 Tips To Keep Hard Erections & High TestosteroneI’m not sure about your personal beliefs on pornography, but porn is one of the best ways to “excite” your brain, and kickstart those CREATIVE, libidinous juices again. Of course, porn addiction can be a problem for some men, so if you know this will be an issue for you, maybe you should skip this tip…

But porn and masturbation, maybe once a week? Sex on the other days? Why not?

Treat your mind and body once in a while to some variation from the norm, and your erection (and mind) will thank you, and respond better in other situations.

An no, porn does not cause ED, as the ridiculous rumor spreading around the internet goes. Porn actually improves erection quality.


Follow the above guidelines, and you’ll help reduce the percentage of young men with ED. Let’s drop down that 25 percent to something far lower, and more reasonable!  Stop Facebooking / Instagramming / Tweeting on your phone, turn off the PS4, and get out and get some fresh air!  That’s a start!

And if you are in the older age group, these guidelines will help you as well! I know of men in their 70’s and 80’s, middle aged men with diabetes, men on all sorts of meds getting their rock hard erections back.

As for more scientifically-backed tips and guidelines to naturally boost your testosterone and libido, click here…

There are also exercises you can perform “on” and “in” your erection that work wonders for getting harder, longer-lasting erections

You may have heard of kegels or pc squeezes?

Kegels and pc squeezes can help improve sexual stamina and achieve stronger erections when done correctly. However, there is a way to do some “hyper-concentrated” kegels that will turn your PC muscle into a massively powerful sex muscle. With this pc on steroids, you will achieve erections quicker, and that stay hard for longer.

Combined with manual techniques to improve the circulation and bloodflow throughout your shaft, you will develop physically harder erections (to the touch, you can feel the difference) than you’ve ever experienced… click here for more info.

Not just for men with ED, this guide to erection strengthening exercises works even for men who don’t currently have erection issues.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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