8 Ways You May Be Losing Testosterone…

As men, we need our testosterone levels… in order to keep a strong sex drive, feel confident, and overall feel like… well, men.

Thing is, while there are ways we can increase testosterone levels, and therefore naturally increase libido, strength, etc… the opposite holds true.

We can lower our testosterone levels, oftentimes without even really noticing.

Here are some ways you may be losing testosterone:

1. Overdoing aerobic/cardio activity:

Long-distance bike racers have been shown to have DRASTICALLY lower testosterone levels after an event.  Some speculated that it was the bike seat crushing their testicles for so long… but the same has been shown in marathon runners…  sooo… if you want to keep your testosterone levels healthy, don’t overdo the p90x workouts in your room.

2. Overdoing strength workouts:

Overtraining can lead to a reduction in testosterone levels, and the effects compound if you don’t allow yourself rest time to recover.  Overtraining can be caused by working out the same muscle group two days in a row (working the group when it’s already tired), or even working it out for too long.  Spending a good hour in the gym is much better for you then spending two…

3.  Taking excessively hot showers:

A study was carried out in South Korea where scientists bathed rats in warm water for 20 minutes a day, for a week.  After a week the majority of these rats had lower testosterone levels than baseline.  Hot tubs have also been shown to be fertility killers, lowering sperm count… and sperm count and testosterone levels share a close relationship.  Lower one, and you (usually) lower the other.  I, for one, love dumbying out under the hot water after a long day, but now make sure not to spend so much time in there.

4. Having too much stomach fat

This is a tough one… I understand that genetics plays a huge role in our body composition/metabolism, etc, so losing the gut is easier said then done in most cases… and not all men with a large gut have low T levels… however, studies have found a correlation between stomach fat and lower T levels on average (in other words, not all men with stomach fat had low T levels, but more did than skinny men).  Good news?  Even a small reduction in your stomach fat will boost your T levels from where they were previously.

5. Eating/drinking soy products: 

Soy foods lower testosterone levels.  Don’t eat them or drink them (that much, if you really like them).  I don’t like soy foods (other than soy sauce), so I have no issues on this one. This is one of the main foods that lower testosterone.

6. Skimping on sleep; having all-nighters:

Once in a while, partying till the sun comes up is cool… but if you consider yourself an avid night-lifer, partier guy… then make sure you find time to catch up on your Z’s, and spread apart your all-nighters.  Every night when you sleep you recharge your testosterone levels.  Skimping on sleep on a regular basis can compound the problem, and make your levels lower and lower.

7. Staying indoors playing video games all day:

Nothing wrong with hiding out in the man-cave… nothing wrong with playing Call of Duty and whooping on a bunch of 13 year old kids from Puerto Rico… neither of these will lower your testosterone levels… however, STAYING OUT OF THE SUN FOR TOO LONG will lower your testosterone levels.  Find some time to get outside… studies have shown exposure to sun increases testosterone production.

8. Losing the big game… 

Players on teams that lose a sporting event have a sharp reduction in testosterone… The effect is so strong, that even SPECTATORS of a team that lose the event have a reduction in testosterone levels.  The opposite effect occurs if you won an event or your team won the event… a sharp increase in testosterone levels.  The effects are short-lived (either way), but it’s still interesting to know… and kind of raises the stakes, huh?


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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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