A Bigger Penis Not More Attractive to Female… Fish

how to get a bigger penisWhen it comes to penis size and attractiveness, it’s very hard to tell how much of an attractiveness factor having a bigger penis has.

In general, most men do not display much “penis” (unless they have an abnormally large bulge, or tighter than normal pants) when normally walking around, so this isn’t really a “ranking factor” for most women.

Things like height, facial features, body type and build, hair, clothing etc. undoubtedly play a larger role.

However, when shown computer models of different body types, differentiated by:

  • height,
  • shoulder width, and
  • flaccid penis size

Women did take into account flaccid penis length, when all other things were held equal (for more details on this study, see here…), with a longer flaccid penis being considered more attractive.

But The Women Fish… They Don’t Care About Penis Size…

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Ladies! Take notes…

Female fish, they don’t care about how big their mate’s penis is.

Researchers from the Australian National University bred mosquito fish (who are known to have penises 30% the size of their body… that would be equal to us having a two foot dick) for eight generations, into two groups: one with larger penises and others with miniscule penises — for mosquito fish at least.

They were then allowed to roam freely, and compete with each other for sexual partners, and the offspring were DNA-tested in order to see from which fish’s loins they propelled…

And guess what…

Penis size played no role whatsoever in how successful the fish were in reproducing, and how many offspring they produced… the smaller guys had no handicap.

“Our findings show the size of male genitals has no effect on their attractiveness, success in reproduction, or their ability to swim and move around in the water,” said researcher Professor Michael Jennions, from the ANU Research School of Biology.

(Interesting note… mosquito fish were introduced to “The Land Down Under” in an attempt to control the mosquito population… and it didn’t work).

Are Human Females More Picky When It Comes To Penis Size and Selecting a Mate?

How much do women care about penis size?In a few discussions over the years, I’ve gathered some interesting insights into what women really think when it comes to penis size.

Luckily, I was blessed with at least an average, but slightly girthy penis size as an adult (and have added some more to it with manual penis enlargement exercises), but I’ve heard some nice, and not-so-nice, things from women about penis size.

Generally, if you were to ask on an online forum what women think about penis size, they’ll say it doesn’t matter… other things matter more.

I’ve even heard this from a few women I’ve dated — generally the more mature ones. They’ve seen that a man with a big dick can be “a big dick”, and man with a smaller penis can be an amazing partner… and satisfy them in various creative ways as well.

But others… not so nice. And more primal. Less like the mosquito fish…

I had one girl whom I dated a few years back, and we had a very close relationship with open communication. She was a very sweet, caring girl. Besides the great sex, and matching of personality types, she would do nice things like make the bed when she’d sleep over, wash the dishes when I’d go off to work (sadly, things like this aren’t common with women in Miami….).

One day I asked her, just out of curiousity to see how strong our love was, “Would you have still loved me and been with me if I had a small penis?”, and I received a resounding:


WTF? Where’d the sweet girl go?

Heard the same thing from another girl who I had a serious relationship with… asked her the same question, out of curiosity, and received the same answer…

Maybe I just dated shallow women?… Possibility.

Either Way, A Bigger Penis is Possible If You’re Interested – Natural and Surgical Methods of Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement, in general, has a bad… or sleazy… connotation to it.

Thanks to BS pills that don’t do anything, and DO scam people out of their money, it is a common belief that there’s no way to make your penis bigger. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Manual natural penis enlargement exercises work. Weight hangers work for length. Vacuum pumps work for girth. Phalloplasties are being performed in larger amounts now, and some surgeons have become experts in the area.

And then there’s the good ol’ just don’t give a fuck attitude.

Know this, the average penis size is somewhere between 5 and 6 inches, so if you’re there, you’re among 80% of the male population. And if it’s smaller than that? Learn to accept it.

I’ve seen guys who supposedly have small penises poke fun at themselves in such a hilarious way that it actually ATTRACTED women…

What’s more sexy to women than shoulder size, height, or penis size? Confidence, self-knowledge and humor…

And if small penises still exist in this day-and-age, it’s because men with small penises are reproducing, and it’s carrying on in the genes!

So the fish aren’t the only ones having fun!

Have a good one, my friend!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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