A REALISTIC Natural Penis Enlargement Guide

erection quality exercises 235x300 A REALISTIC Natural Penis Enlargement Guide

Has a man been able to enlarge his penis by 4 inches with natural penis enlargement?


Will you enlarge your penis by 4 inches?

Not likely.

I’m not here to feed you bullshit.  There are too many bullshit natural penis enlargement guides and products out there making ridiculous claims.

You will not increase your penis by 3 inches in 3 months. It just won’t happen.

The man who added 4.5 inches to his penis performed natural penis enlargement for 10+ years, and for a number of hours a day.  An extremely impressive feat, but not the path I want to follow.

I like to enjoy my day, and my life. And I’m content with my penis. That’s all I need to be.  I don’t need to dedicate hours to this. I’m happy with what I’ve gained.


I did put in some hard work when I first started natural penis enlargement exercises, several years back.

Over time, different events, and stages in my life, have caused me to “drop out of the race”, and get back into it, a few times.

My penis is now 1.5 inches longer than before I started these exercises. It is thicker, and has a larger, hanging flaccid size. I am pleased with what I’ve gained.

I now take to penis enlargement with more of a maintenance mentality, than an OCD-GROWING mentality, but from time to time, I still become “inspired” again, and see days when this beast is longer and thicker than normal, and most likely measurably larger as well (yes, your penis does fluctuate in size slightly, depending on how well you slept – which affects testosterone and circulation, and how mentally aroused you are, and how much effort you’ve put in recently into penis enlargement).

What’s Important In A Natural Penis Enlargement Guide – Effectiveness & Safety

Natural penis enlargement used to be some secret society of men increasing penis size… sharing the real effective techniques and their findings.

Now watered-down penis enlargement exercises are being spewed all over the place…

Problem is, the vast majority of these natural penis enlargement guides don’t show you how to REALLY make these techniques work for you… or how to do them safely (being safe during penis enlargement is MUCH more than just warming up sufficiently).

Pulling on your penis for hours, without the proper warming up, without the proper relaxation of the pc muscle, without the proper directions… will make you gain nothing, and waste tons of time.

Worst off, if you perform hours and hours of penis enlargement INCORRECTLY, you may slowly but surely be injuring highly important nerves in your penis, which will lead to a smaller flaccid penis size, reduced erection quality, and a loss of sensation in the penis…

Not the results you are looking for, I take it?

Sure, peripheral nerve damage heals… but at a VERY slow rate.

Your penis can take quite a bit of punishment without any harm, but with the proper guidelines in mind… for more info on a highly effective natural penis enlargement guide, click here…

You will be able to make your penis bigger quickly, safely, and enjoy a massive hanging flaccid penis when it’s soft… not to mention some MONSTER erections and orgasms.

Be bigger, but be safe!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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