Add Some Sweetness To Your Game To REALLY Connect With Women

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If you are anything like me, you’ve grown up hearing about “game”.

Some guys are said to have “game” and they can attract beautiful women oftentimes even if they are ugly, overweight, bald, short, broke…

A man by the name of David DeAngelo has a good “technique…”he says to mix a cocky attitude with humor in your interaction with women that you want to attract.

Thats his own strategy, and it’s a good technique. But sometimes it can leave something more missing… something deeper.

When I was younger and first heard about it, I thought it was great, and used it to the extreme, and got some pretty good results from it…

Many other dating experts/macks/pick up artists, have a similar theory, which oftentimes includes hitting her with “negs” which are little “disses” about something she’s doing, to get her to loosen up a little and see that you’re comfortable with her and that she’s not the immaculate conception like she might think she is (and women often-time do think this).

Sometimes, deeper into the “pick up game”, experts will say to do stuff like intentionally don’t pick up her calls here and there, show up late to dates,  etc.

This works a little for driving women crazy and making them chase you, but in my experience these intentional games are a little too far, kind of childish, a waste of time, and can create animosity and a very artificial and frail relationship.

So with this solely “cocky + funny” attitude, I attracted women here and there, and oftentimes also seemed to offend women…

New addition to my game (actually new addition to my life… it’s much more than game):

I’ve sprinkled in a little old school sweetness into my “game”.

You see lately I’ve been increasing my capacity to love, and have seen its countless benefits and improvements to my life (and the lives of others near me) and it’s effects have also been present in my attraction efforts.

Certain ways to increase this love capacity have been to learn how to accept people for who they are, being grateful for everything I have, showing love and grattitude to my parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, not etc..

I’m not taking things so seriously, I’m not trying to overpower everyone around me (like I used to; I was an egotistical bully), I’m showing more loving gestures, even to strangers.

I’m being nicer to people I don’t know; talking to everybody.  And overall my heart is kind of warming up… and its working well to connect with these ladies.

I show unconditional love… even to strippers! 😉  I accept that these women (strippers) chose this life and don’t judge them at all, and they return the love (more than they should sometimes)…

As to attracting women I would say my strategy is “playful love; no rules love”… I’m quick to throw a “neg” here and there, when it really counts, like if I see her doing something that I’d make fun of anybody else for doing… nothing too extreme and I don’t go out of my way to insult her, though…

And this extra love has paid off well… women respond better, they smile more, they give me the number more, they warm up quicker, they get sexual quicker…

Side note on a strategy that works for me: I’m also a bit of a perv, saying things that I feel without holding back too much… like telling a girl I’m on a date with that I feel like sucking her tits (or doing it real quick in a public place where nobody could see), or feeling on her leg, close to her cooch while I’m talking to her…

pinching her nipple through the shirt… these things get her wet… (I make sure not to get too “weird” with it though… and I don’t ever do this too soon).

But I also show love… I’m there when she calls. I send sweet texts out of the blue (not TOO much, just every here and there).  And when I’m with her I act like Daddy… pay for her wherever we go (I don’t pay for stupid shit though, and don’t get “pimped”), make her feel comfortable…

Mr. Manpower’s extra thoughts: all that stuff about women being independent and paying half for dinner and stuff like that, fuck that… that goes back to “game”… going back to the cavemen days, a woman’s deepest instincts are to find a “provider” and someone that could ensure the safety of themselves and their offspring…

So yeah.. being cold blooded with women will keep you from attracting them “deeply” and being bitter with women will create the opposite of attraction…

…women are naturally nurturing creatures… honor, appreciate and respect them, and they show love back.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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