Alcohol’s Effect On Erections And Sex In General

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This is erection school 101. Most guys beyond the age of 20 years old know that too much alcohol can kill the ability to achieve an erection. If you haven’t heard this yet, then here you go: Alcohol can kill your ability to get an erection. At the same time, as you may know already, it can also desensitize your penis, allowing you to last longer during sex.

Although this is hardly anything to brag about, I’ve been drinking since about 15. I am hispanic, and not to make a bad name for hispanics, but hispanics drink. Our families drink at social occasions and oftentimes on regular occasions. My father offered me alcohol as long as I was at home, since my early teens.

It has never been a problem. I have never got into trouble over it, and I haven’t made too many bad decisions while under the influence. However, since my late teens/early twenties, I saw that it can diminish your ability to get an erection.

When I was a lot younger, I could get as drunk as I wanted, and still get hard. But as the years passed, and that trigger reflex of an erection slowed down a little, I’ve noticed that sometimes it can altogether destroy my ability to get an erection.  I was about to start researching erectile dysfunction treatments until I found out I wasn’t alone on this; a number of people I knew, even some serious testosterone machines, had this happen to them.

In relation to my last post, I’ve seen that if I have an emotional attachment to the woman, many times I won’t have a problem with my erection. This shows that a lot of the times that we get “Whiskey dick”, it has to do a little with sexual performance anxiety (aka sexual anxiety). Mix this with the fact that although it may lower our inhibitions and allow us to pursue our sexual desires more confidently, alcohol also lowers our testosterone levels. This is a cocktail for temporary erectile dysfunction.

Strike the Right Balance… Then You Can Desensitize Your Penis, Without Killing Your Erection

Now to the plus side of alcohol, if you can achieve an erection, it will desensitize your penis a moderate amount as well. The trick is to strike a balance. Drink enough to lower your inhibitions and go after what you want, but not too much that you can’t get an erection. If you can do this, you’ll usually have the ability to last longer during sex than usual.

One time while having sex on the beach (not the drink, actual sex on the beach), a friend of mine saw me pounding away at my girlfriend forever, and jokingly told his girlfriend that I was a “love machine”….hilarious. I was drunk as a skunk, too.

I am not trying to be anybody’s role model, so don’t eat me alive for writing this stuff…but its the cold, honest truth.

You’ll be glad you did. Email me with any questions!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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