Ancient Taoist Beliefs on Sex = Science or Just Theory?

Male multiple orgasm technique 300x225 Ancient Taoist Beliefs on Sex = Science or Just Theory?The Taoists considered sex a “rosy battle”.

While it was something beautiful, it was also something to be taken very seriously.

For Taoists, ejaculating is the way a man spills his seed, or his “life essence”, making him weaker and more feminine. That is the reason they propagated the male multiple orgasm technique. So that a man could save his ejaculation during sex, and penetrate longer without losing any saved up strength.

But what I wonder is this… is there science behind all of this theory?

Two main ideas behind the Taoist sexual beliefs are the following:

  • Saving up ejaculation makes you stronger. Ejaculating causes a “little death”, or spilling of your manly essence, making you weak.
  • Giving women orgasms during sex without ejaculating POWERS you up by an absorbing of sexual energy.

Does saving up ejaculation make you stronger? Or were the Taoists just blowing smoke?

Well science doesn’t show much in the opposite direction (that ejaculation boosts testosterone levels). There are not many studies showing conclusive results in this direction. BUT, there is a study that shows men who saved up ejaculation for seven days had a slow increase in T levels over the period of 7 days, with a sharp increase on the 7th day.

Good reason to use the male multiple orgasm then, during sex, in order to charge up your sexual power!

Does giving women orgasms without ejaculating allow you to absorb sexual energy / power you up in some way?

While a very interesting idea, there is not too much science proving this one way or another.

I used to believe that there was no way that a woman could pass energy, or hormones, through you, during sex. That skin would prevent passage. So an ejaculation from masturbating would be the same as an ejaculation from sex with a woman.

However, an interesting study shows that the refractory period after sex is 4X stronger than the refractory period after masturbation, complete with an increased chemical reaction (more prolactin released) and everything!

So there is some chemical exchange going on!

So the Taoist Beliefs – Including the Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO) Technique – Are All True?

Combining the conclusions of both studies, looks like the Taoists were right about some things (saving up ejaculation increases masculine power), and there is definitely an exchange of energy of some sort during sex, but a direct study will be needed to see if saving ejaculation while giving women orgasms increases T levels, or provides you with some other sort of hormonal advantage.

The male multiple orgasm technique, whether it was “discovered” by the Taoists, or they just spread the info, is hard to determine, but it does work. By blocking off ejaculation during orgasm, you to stay hard and horny after coming, and can keep an erection for multiple more orgasms. More on the technique here.

Taoists had Some Interesting Sexual Terminology… Your Penis is A Turtle Head, a Vagina is a Jade Gate, Sex is Clouds and Rain

I first came across these terms when reading The Tao of Sex, Health, and Longevity by Daniel Reid, an interesting read with tons of Taoist knowledge and ideas (more than just sex). These are just some of the Taoist terms for sexual acts and parts:

  • cervix – Inner Gate, Jade Terrace, Precious Pearl, Seed, Yin Bean
  • clitoris – Divine Field, Lute strings
  • cunnilingus – Sipping the Vast Spring
  • fellatio – Blowing the Flute
  • intercourse – Clouds and Rain, Rosy Battle, Firing the Cannon, Friendly Relations
  • homosexual sex (female) – Rubbing Mirrors
  • homosexual sex (male) – Splitting the Peach, Dragon Yang Relations
  • orgasm (female) – High Tide, Tide of Yin
  • orgasm (male) – Lose Essence, Leak, Surrender, Little Death
  • penis – Jade Stem, Jade Implement, Yang Peak, Yang Weapon, Turtle Head, The Ambassador
  • penis – (erect) Arisen, Angry
  • penis – (dead) Dead
  • vagina (orifice) – Jade Gate, Jade Door, Cinnabar Cave, Child Gate, One Inch Square, Little Stream
  • vagina (middle) – Deep Valley, Hing Place, Path of Yin
  • vagina (upper) – Celestial Palace, Valley of Solitude

So have fun while Firing the Cannon, but make sure that you are fully Arisen, bring her to High Tide, and try your best not to Surrender!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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