Are Stretches or Jelqs Better to Increase Flaccid Penis Size?

increase flaccid penis size e1455504031609 Are Stretches or Jelqs Better to Increase Flaccid Penis Size?If you know the basics of manual penis enlargement exercises, you know the two basic “food groups” are jelqs and stretches.

There are endless variations of each of these penis enlargement exercises, and ways you can better gain penis size with each of them… but which exercises work better to increase flaccid size?

Well… depends on what you are going for.

Are you going for a longer flaccid penis size? Or are you going for a thicker, heavier flaccid penis hang?

Why not both?

When it comes to making your penis longer while soft, without a doubt, stretches are the way to go. Stretches bring out the “inner” penis that you carry behind your base, as well as stretching the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. During a phalloplasty (also known as a penis enlargement surgery), the surgeon cuts ligaments holding this “inner penis” within your pelvis area… allowing more “inner” penis, to become “outter”, seeable, usable penis.

Stretching helps give you a long, hanging flaccid penis, with enough time and effort (note, not to be tried without proper warming up and application of grip! Too many amateurs giving penis enlargement a go without knowing what they’re doing! There are nerves in there!).

As to a thicker, heavier flaccid penis, while stretching contributes a bit to weight, jelqing is the way to go.

Every few jelqs, you want to jelq from BEHIND the penis and scrotum… from that area between the scrotum and the perineum. You have plenty of inner blood flow in there, as that’s where the penis really starts (certain stretches can help reach this area as well).

And as mentioned above, your best bet for a bigger flaccid size (and bigger penis in general) is to combine both.

Start off with a long warm-up to make the penis malleable, stretch, then jelq… and you will increase flaccid penis length, girth, and weight in time.

(For a guide to safely increasing penis size, and making serious gains quickly, see here…).

A Bigger Flaccid Penis Size Benefits Us In Many Psychological Ways

It’s nice being hung. One of my favorite parts of penis enlargement is the bigger flaccid penis size.

Having a large, hanging flaccid size works wonders for a man’s confidence. It’s like carrying around a large, manly, stabilizing anchor…

In restrooms that have those way-too-open public urinals, I can urinate with zero shame… rather than feeling uncomfortable, I undoubtedly make others feel uncomfortable around me (it’s strange how often people have to take a glance and compare… I don’t, but you know when others do it).

Dancing close to a woman you just met is an erotic joy… having a large, heavy, hanging kielbasa of a penis… women notice this now. And respond.

A far cry from the tiny flaccid penis that used to poke out from me for the longest time… being judged on my flaccid size would frustrate me even more… because my small flaccid size was by no means a representation of my decent erect size.

But no longer is that an issue… for more details on exercises to increase your flaccid penis size, see here…

Any questions, shoot ’em over!


-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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