Being Able To Give Her Orgasms… The Best Bargaining Chip You’ve Got!

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You can do pretty much anything — screw up in ALL kinds of ways — and get away with it… as long as you are satisfying your girl in bed.

On the other hand, you can be a saint, and be the best husband/boyfriend possible… and if you’re not giving your woman an orgasm during sex… you’re on constant probation.

If you’re sexually satisfying a woman, giving her an orgasm at least a few times a week, then you’ll fulfill your girls deeper/core needs.

Obviously you still have to be a good man to her… or at least try your best to be… (Messed up but true… I know many women who’ve stayed with men who were abusive to them — either mentally or physically — just because the sex was good. I’m not condoning abusive behavior — actually I’m against, but I’m just showing you the strength of this “good sex effect” — use the force for good!).

In the past I had the opposite issue… the inability to make a woman orgasm…

MAN, I was such a GOOD GUY.  I did all I could for this one girlfriend… took her out to nice clubs and restaurants, tried to show her an exciting time (note: nothing’s more exciting to a woman then sexual orgasm), tried to be the funniest, most charming, loving boyfriend I could be.  I was head-over-heels for this chick.

(a variation of this story has happened to me with a couple of different women — but this one REALLY left a scar.)

I loved her deeply and she loved me… but I couldn’t get her off during sex!

In time it was more, I love her, and she kind of loved me.

And as my love evolved into a sort of sickening obsession and idolization, she went from being in love with me, to being entertained by me… to being kind of disgusted by me…. to losing all respect for me, to even TOYING with me and my emotions.

The insecurity of being unable to get her off during sex turned me into more and more of an unnattractive weakling, which didn’t help things either… but the fact that she wasn’t being sexually satisfied was the real dealbreaker (she confirmed this with me on a later date… years after the traumatic breakup).

I’ve learned how to make women orgasm during penetration…

That sickening experience launched me into extensive research on the female orgasm… (as well as practicing my new-found techniques on different “subjects”… hehe)… and after a short learning curve, I more and more frequently gave women orgasms during sex.

I now give women orgasms during penetration, every time (for a number of years now, with a number of different women).  Giving them orgasms orally or manually is a given… but penetration is my favorite way to “deliver”.

When in a relationship now, I try my best to be good, but still run into the regular relationship “infractions”:  ugly arguments, insensitively saying something rude to her without noticing, staying out too late when going out with friends… and she’ll overlook all this shit, as long as I’m getting her off during sex.

She can also find out weird things about me (like “you write a sex blog?”… “you use Rogaine?”…), and she’ll accept all this stuff, along with other weird things, and overlook it… as long as she’s getting off during sex!

Now, if you are in my old shoes, and can’t make a woman orgasm during sex, then you’re probably saying, “easier said than done, asshole…”

Well I’m not that much of an asshole… I’ll share with you what I know about making a woman orgasm, lasting longer during sex, giving women multiple orgasms and more…

You can learn to give your girl powerful orgasms during penetration… someones just gotta show you the ropes!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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