Best Way To Increase Penis Size? Pills, Surgery… Hands?

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Best solution to increase penis sizeIf you are wondering what may be the best way to increase penis size, (or if there even is a way to make your penis bigger at all) you’ll be happy to know that there are actually a few methods that do work…

Pills… not one of them…

Creams… not one of them…

So what does work?

  • manual natural penis enlargement techniques
  • hanging devices,
  • phalloplasty (surgery),
  • pumps

They are all effective ways of increasing penis size. But which is the BEST way to increase penis size?

I’ll describe each, and you decide what works for you.


In the past, penis enlargement surgery was heavily associated with various degrees of erectile dysfunction.  In this day and age, some surgeons have become quite adept at increasing the penis size through surgery (especially in Germany), and are getting better reputation for increasing penis size, without harming erection quality (as much at least… there is still always the risk).

Pros: quick, and significant gains (1.5 inches – 2 inches in length or girth gains)

Cons: can only pick length or girth (one or the other), still a risk for harming erections, costly

Hanging devices

Some men have claimed to have made massive increases in penis length thanks to hanging weights from the penis.  Various cultures around the world have carried out similar traditions for centuries.  Your penis is actually very strong… and you’ll be amazed what you can hang from it.  I dabbled in weight hanging at one point in time, but quickly stopped due to the amount of time it took to set up, the amount of time needed to do the “work”, and the bulkiness of all the weights and need for space/privacy.

Pros: known for extreme length gains

Cons: requires lots of privacy and space, somewhat scary

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps have been known to increase penis girth.  I know one man in particular who claimed to add more than 1.5 inches in GIRTH… which is A MASSIVE gain in girth.  It took the man a long time though… but shoot, 1.5 inches more in girth?  Why not?

Pros: known for massive girth gains

Cons: only one person I know of claims to have made these gains, doesn’t increase length

Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

Natural penis enlargement techniques use your hands to stretch, and engorge the penis with extra blood, which then heals in a longer/thicker penis. These exercises work for length and girth, but require some work be put in.  I perform my exercises in the shower.

Pros: works for length and girth, doesn’t require much privacy

Cons: requires time and personal effort, some men gain slower than others

So what is the best way to increase penis size?  You decide.  What works for you?  A combined routine of pumps, hangers, and manual natural penis enlargement exercises would ideally be the best, but you would need quite a bit of time for that… for more info on the how to naturally increase penis size, click here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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