Can Excessive Masturbation Lower Testosterone and Libido?

SexTestosterone Can Excessive Masturbation Lower Testosterone and Libido?

Some people believe that if you over-ejaculate, usually through masturbation, that you permanently injure your penis, or begin to experience erectile dysfunction. I believe this is based on ancient Eastern theories like Taoism, and perhaps some Indian and Middle-Eastern ideas as well.

The basic belief is that the more a man ejaculates, the more his penis is permanently weakened.

In most cases, men ask this question in regards to over-ejaculating through masturbation, not sex.  It appears to be associated with guilt that many men feel about masturbating, and the feeling that they are doing something wrong, hence the need for punishment (in the form of weaker erections and lower libido).

A man cannot over-ejaculate.  Sperm/semen is constantly being produced in the testes.  A temporary weakness in erections is possible after over-ejaculating, but this is just due to the refractory period, and once you recover from the refractory period, your full erectile strength returns.

I received this question today:



When i was 13 years old i started masturbation.  Now I’m 19 and my penis becomes soft and when I stand up my erection become very soft.  What can I do for this problem.  Please sir help me, my morning erection is also soft now, please help me.

-Waseem H.


My response:

Hello Waseem:

Masturbation will not have any permanent effect on your testosterone levels. The jury is still even out if there is a temporary reduction in testosterone… while REFRAINING can increase T levels, the opposite is not necessarily true.

You can, however, feel weak and tired. An ejaculation expends A LOT of your energy… I mean, millions of little sperm, potential lives, sent out of you.

But a permanent reduction, or even strong temporary reduction in testosterone levels from ejaculating? Not likely…

If you are having weak erections, though, you may want to exercise, and try out some things to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

During puberty your testosterone levels are surging, producing all of your manly characteristics, including body hair, depth of voice, width of chest and shoulders, penis and testicle size, the introduction of an extremely strong sex drive…

These high levels of testosterone provide you with random erections all day, extremely hard morning erections… your erectile quality is just naturally very strong at this time.

As you get towards the end of puberty, your testosterone levels, while still normally high and within a healthy range, begin to drop a little.  Hence less random erections and a slightly longer refractory period.  And as you get older, these testosterone levels USUALLY continue to SLOWLY drop (and if you keep yourself in excellent health, you may experience a very minor, or no decline, at all… as some studies show).

However, there are things to slow down this drop in testosterone levels, and even increase the production of this sex hormone.

Try lifting weights, especially squats and bench press, with relatively heavy weight.  Move up in weight as you can, even if you can only do 5 or 6 repetitions at most.  Make sure to warm up before the heavy weight with lighter weight and more repetitions to get your muscles ready.

When working out large muscle groups, especially your quads, you begin to produce more testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible for your sex drive and erection quality.  As the muscle mass grows, it produces more testosterone, A little exposure to sunlight every day, a reduction in stress levels

  • There are a number of things you can do to increase, for a list of 25 things that actually work to boost your testosterone production (with scientific backing), see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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  1. William Jacobs says:

    I would like to know if excessive musterbation can. Cause permanent damage to the penis. I have heard people saying that it affects the nerves which can make your penis to have softer erections and that it can cause penis disfunction.

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