Can Penis Enlargement Exercises Harm Your Erections?

I’m sure there is some way to harm your penis through natural penis enlargement, but if there is, I haven’t seen it yet.

I’ve spoken with countless men who have enlarged their penis through these exercises (including a few doctors who perform them discreetly), and I’m yet to hear of anybody who has done any serious or permanent harm to their penis with these exercises.

That’s one of the main things I hear regarding penis enlargement.  People who are ignorant to these exercises are always steering others away, saying things like “yeah, those exercises might work, but they screw up your erections“.  These folks can’t be any more wrong, and I really wonder where they get their information from.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week I performed my routine for about half an hour each day.  I put a little extra effort into it these days, and the only results I’ve seen are a larger flaccid penis (haven’t measured erect length in a while; I’m trying to surprise myself when I do), and extremely hard erections when I wake up in the morning.

I haven’t had sex during these two days, because it appears that ejaculating the same day as these exercises can reduce their effectiveness, based on a number of surveys.

The only “injuries” I’ve had during my natural penis enlargement journey have been little blood spots that come out on my penis head, a small, bloody bruise on my shaft, and a tiny thrombosed vein under my head, on the bottom of my shaft.

All of these have gone away within three days max, have not caused any discomfort, and have not reduced the quality of my erections whatsoever.

On the contrary, I’ve spoken to men in their 50’s, who since dedicating to a natural penis enlargement routine, have brought back their erections to full strength, thanks to the conditioning of their penis that these exercises bring. So harm to your penis, that is not one of the results of stretching and other penis enlargement exercises.

One of these men who reported improved erection quality since starting penis enlargement was a 53 year old diabetic, on medication and all.

For more information on how to make your penis bigger without harm , check out my guide here…

Drop me a line with any questions or concerns you may have.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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  1. After checking out the site (great site, by the way) I just wanted to say that if there was ever any name to brand yourself with, Mr. Manpower, the Ultimate Sex King would probably be at the top of my list. That name is awesome, and you’re kind of my hero now.

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