Can’t Get it Up But Still Young? Don’t Worry, It’s Psychological

Can’t get it up, and freaking out because you think you may have a physical issues?

I’ve been there, done that. No reason to freak out…

It’s funny… when I was in my teens, getting an erection was just like breathing… and would happen just as often.

Riding to school on the bus… BAM random erection.

Waking up from sleeping in class… BAM random erection.

Strong hard erections for no reason.

Every girlfriend I had turned me into a horny beast… I had erections just kissing them or talking to them… Until I met Liz…

Bad-ass, fine-ass little Puertorican… beautiful natural tits and ass… sexy face… great personality… I was about 18 or so.

But one thing about it… I COULDN’T GET IT UP WITH HER!

No matter what!  IT MADE NO SENSE TO ME!

In the jacuzzi, at my house, at her house, drunk, sober, after drinking a redbull and taking those gas station stud 69 pills… nothing worked for me to get an erection with her.

I began frantically looking for answers… could I have been the youngest man to ever have erectile dysfunction?

Thing is, this happened when I took a steady break from my serious, long-term girlfriend, a girl whom I never had erectile problems…

So could it have been a psychological reason I couldn’t get an erection?  Or was it something physical, actual erectile dysfunction that I just developed?

No matter what, I couldn’t get an erection with Liz, and was a failure in her eyes no matter what.

Okay, to be 100% honest, sometimes I got it up all the way during foreplay, but I would quickly lose my erection when I tried putting on the condom…

It came to the point that I even skipped putting on the condom just so I could keep my erection, but without failure (well actually with failure), I would lose my erection right before I put it in…

And I wouldn’t be able to get it back up.

I felt like a failure as a man, I felt like I was the only person in the world this was happening to, I felt that I had lost my masculinity…

I even tried watching some porn in another room, and then running over with the erection… but I’d lose it.

That was my problem… rushing, putting too much pressure on my erection, trying to “mentally force” myself to have an erection… all of this causes anxiety…

sexual performance anxiety…

and when anxiety, worry and fear are present in a sexual situation, your erection will not work.

Good news is there are psychological techniques for completely overcoming sexual performance anxiety.  Erection strengthening exercises help enforce the physical part.

Worked for me… I’ve never had a mental block getting in the way of my erection ever again… I gain complete erections on command.

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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