Control Ejaculation To Make Sure She Gets Off Too!!

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How to last longer in bed naturallyOne of the biggest sexual issues I had back in the days was an inability to last long enough to make a woman orgasm.

I had a long track record of leaving women unsatisfied in bed.  Me having an orgasm? No problem, it would happen within the first few minutes.  Sometimes, even I didn’t feel like it, I’d get it up for round two to hopefully last a little bit longer… but still… it wasn’t long enough to make a girl orgasm.

I always felt like I was just a few strokes away from making her orgasm, but I didn’t have it in me to finish her off…wasn’t man enough or something. As her moans were escalating, I’d shoot my load, and even if I pushed forward with everything I had in my gut, I’d lose my erection… and would fall short of taking her to the promised land.

What I needed was a way to control ejaculation. So I started my search on ways to overcome premature ejaculation.  At first it felt hopeless, and I believed  I would never be able to cure my PE.

Distracting my thoughts with things unrelated to sex (or repulsive thoughts, like a naked Oprah) seemed to SLIGHTLY help, but not much.  This just kept me from enjoying sex, and still wasn’t a strong enough tactic for me to drive my lady through the finish line.

Drinking excessively seemed to help delay my ejaculation sometimes, but still not enough to get the deed done.  Plus my lack of understanding of the female orgasm didn’t help.

But in time I came to answers…

What I Needed in Order to Control Ejaculation And Give Women Orgasms During Sex:

  • a major mental overhaul,
  • more knowledge on the proper penetration techniques to make a woman orgasm,
  • practice, practice, practice

Retraining Your Mind To Become A Long-Laster

Getting comfortable with your arousal process is important.  Spending some time alone, without pornography, a naked woman, or any other visually arousing stimuli is the first step. Achieving an erection and masturbating, while only paying attention to your inner thoughts and levels of arousal, and seeing how you can last forever when not “short-circuited” by overly-stimulating visuals and thoughts, will help you understand a little bit about the process.

To control ejaculation, you don’t have to completely remove arousing thoughts, but concentrating on them when necessary (like when becoming erect, and when you’re ready to have orgasm), and allowing them to be there, but not “zeroing-in” on them, when you want to last…

There’s a lot more to gaining ejaculation control then this, but this should provide you with some interesting insights.

Make Her Orgasm Faster

Next, possibly even more important than delaying ejaculation is learning how women get off… learning about the clitoris, the g-spot, and how to best stimulate them with your erection during intercourse.

You want to make every stroke count even more… so you can get her off quicker, and not HAVE to hold out for too long. I’ve given my girl an orgasm in under two minutes… two orgasms in under five minutes… when you learn to stroke correctly, there’s no need to last half an hour (but if you want to, more power to you!).

Know this: real-orgasm producing sex is not like it looks in porn… it’s not about BANGING a girl hard for a long time… you need to rub and grind into the clit… R. Kelly was giving out knowledge when he wrote “bump & grind”… he had his technique down.

Get In The Ring

Lastly, practice makes perfect.  You can work with a trainer all day, learning the boxing basics and hitting the heavy bags, but until you step into that ring and spar, you’re not actually LEARNING learning.

I’ll give you the techniques and knowledge. Some you can practice on your own, so you’re better prepared, but until you take these techniques and apply them in the sheets with an actual living, breathing woman, you won’t “internalize” them, and make highly important insights necessary to transform into a marathon man.

But no worries, follow my training, and you’ll be knocking her out in no time… for more advanced techniques to delay ejaculation and last longer during sex, click here: Exercises To Control Ejaculation And Last Longer In Bed

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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