Count Your Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises – Don’t Guess

manual penis enlargement exercises e1452732890484 Count Your Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises - Don't GuessI’ll be the first to admit, performing penis enlargement exercises is not the most exciting thing in the world.

However, if you just “wing” the amount of repetitions or time you perform the exercises for… whether it be how many you do, how long you hold them for, etc., you will most likely do less than you should…

If you perform manual penis enlargement until you feel you’ve made some good growth… you’re probably just short of what you need to really make gains.

I’ve made this observation myself recently.

I felt that I’ve become such a vet at the exercises, with my larger penis, that I don’t have to count how many reps I do, or how long I hold the stretches… once I felt that enlarged member, I’d do a few more, and call it a day.

But gains stalled… and while flaccid size was still way larger than it was before the exercises (that’s permanent), it wasn’t the massive horse fick I was used to carrying around.

I mean, who wants to be in the shower tugging on their penis for a long time, when you could be eating, having sex or watching TV?

That’s when I made a few observations regarding manual penis enlargement exercises… or in some cases… reminders of knowledge I had learned long, long ago… somethings you just can’t skimp on, if you want results.

1) Count your manual penis enlargement exercises

Set a number, don’t just guess… Sure, penis enlargement can get a bit boring, and you may feel like skipping out early… but put the work in, and your penis will thank you.

As mentioned above… if you just wing it, you will most likely be “under-winging” it.

Since counting my reps, I’m back to being Mr. Long Hung.

2) Want Serious Growth? Put in 5 Days A Week

Generally, a man makes the most growth in the beginning, and after some gains, things can slow down… and plateau at times, but not stop.

The time I made the most growth, was not just the beginning, but was the time I was putting in the most work.

I was single. I had all the time in the world. And I was very curious to see if it worked.

I’m no longer single, I barely have any time, and I already know it works… also, add to that I’m happy with the extra 1.5 to 1.75 inches I’ve gained, along with my bigger flaccid penis and you’ll now see why I do the exercises only a couple of times a week now.

HOWEVER… if really want to make gains… hard work, dedication – like Mayweather says.

The men that I know who’ve made the most gains (including a man who’s added 4.5 inches in length) have followed a 5 day a week program, usually with the weekends off… this seems to be the trend of not only the top gainers, but of when I gained my most size as well.

3) You need to concentrate on what you are doing with your hands… what you are creating… envision the growth… 

Don’t just perform your exercises, with your mind wandering elsewhere…. thinking about the day you had, or what you are going to do later on…

As cliché as it sounds, “be in the now”.

Look at your penis… imagine the growth… SEE and feel the growth.

With meditation, they teach you to concentrate on one thing… for instance, envision your breath entering and filling up your lungs, and then leaving your body… in time, this “one pointed concentration” makes you develop very strong mental abilities.

Well… consider this your meditation, and your one pointed concentration is on your dick.

4) Have a SOME arousal when doing the exercises (not stretching, of course) – around 15 – 20% erect is good

You don’t want to do penis enlargement with a completely dead, flaccid dick… that can lead to overtraining, especially if performed with too strong of a grip.

While higher erection levels are good for girth exercises, you want your penis mostly flaccid when working length, weight, and flaccid hang. But notice how I say MOSTLY. You do not want to be anywhere near regularly erect.

Think about some recent porn, a sexy woman you saw during the day… something mentally  arousing… so a little jolt of life hits your penis. And then no more… A little circulation goes a long way.


I’ve learned a lot about penis enlargement over the years, gleaning insights and knowledge from men who’ve made massive length and girth gains.

While I’ve added nearly two inches to my length and an inch in extra girth, I’m preach better than I practice at this point in time.

If you’d like to learn everything I know, including my personal routine I put together through years of adding, observations, tweaking, and removing, see here:

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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