Covid Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

covid causes erectile dysfunction

Still reason to maintain some caution… covid can cause erectile dysfunction.

The Urologists United For Vaccination Education (UU4VE) are warning men everywhere – If you get infected with Covid-19 you are 6 times more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

Apparently, Covid stays in the penis long after the virus has left the rest of your body (it’s been found up to 8 months later!). Covid causes erectile dysfunction by affecting the blood vessels in your penis similar to how it affects the blood vessels in your lungs, preventing them from providing enough blood for your erection to properly function.

Covid has caused ED so bad in some cases, that men had to undergo penis implant surgery, when previous to infection they didn’t suffer from ED at all.

Ranjith Ramasamy, Director of the Reproductive Urology Program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Miami compared the damage caused to the penis from Covid to the organ damage that not only affects the lungs, but kidneys and brain.

And this might not be something temporary to be taken likely. Looks like it’s possible that Covid causes erectile dysfunction in the long run. “We think the penis also could be affected in a similar way. We don’t think this is a temporary effect. We think this could be permanent”, said Ramasamy.

Dr. Ramasamy and his team at the Miller School also previously discovered that Covid-19 can invade the tissues in your testicles, potentially having a negative effect on male fertility.

In the “Mask up to keep up” study published in the medical journal Andrology, a team from the University of Rome reviewed online surveys conducted by 100 sexually active men, including 25 who tested positive for Covid-19. The prevalence of ED was significantly higher (28%) among the 25 who had tested positive for Covid-19 compared to the 75 who had not (9.33%).

So don’t let your guard down completely just yet.

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