How To Decrease Refractory Period For a Quicker Round 2

how to decrease refractory periodIn the early days of my sex life, I had a girlfriend who redefined sex for me.

One round was not enough for her.  Two rounds were not enough.  She wanted to have three rounds, every time we had sex.

And up until then, I was generally a one-hitter quitter… sure, in my teens I’d go a few rounds with no problem, but once I hit my 20’s, my refractory period got stronger, and after one shot I was good.  In extraordinary circumstances, maybe I’d go for a second round, but in general, an ejaculation would completely wipe out my sex drive.

After that I would think about eating pizza rather than eating pussy.

But this girl I’m talking about, she didn’t give a shit what my refractory period had to say about things… she wanted her extra rounds.

So as soon as I’d bust that first shot, maybe she’d give me five minutes, and she was playing with my dick again.  I felt like I had to fight against the laws of nature and muster up all the strength I had in my gut, but amazingly, after a few minutes of her playing with my penis, sucking it, etc., my erection was back! And then I’d last a little bit longer, and bust a slightly less satisfying nut, but I’d make it.  I had beaten the refractory period.

And then I was really beaten… I felt like I had no soul; nothing left in me.

But this little nympho, she didn’t care… same process.  Maybe this time it took 10 minutes or more of resuscitation, but I’d get hard again.  Sure it was maybe only 70% or 80% hard, but I’d last forever.  Most times I couldn’t even finish.

(side note: thinking back… her need for so many rounds was probably due to my inability to make her orgasm during penetration… if I’d have given her a proper stroking, she might not have needed a second or third round… but I didn’t know shit about how to make a woman orgasm back then).

After a while, my body couldn’t take so many rounds. Especially since I was seeing her every other day.  At this amount of ejaculation, I had no strength in me, no willpower for the whole week.  I needed to find a way to boost my libido and decrease refractory period so that I could put up with her demand.

So I began researching ways to decrease my refractory period.

One quick and easy one was to take Viagra or Cialis.  You can ejaculate, and oftentimes not even lose any erection strength and keep on going.  But this is costly (financially).  And I prefer natural means; I want to know that my own body was able to overcome the refractory period, not a medication.

And what I found was that increasing blood flow throughout the body and improving testosterone production can improve refractory time and allow you to quickly restore your erection quality and libido.

And there are natural ways to do this.

As to increasing the blood flow to your penis:

  • doing cardio/aerobic activity
  • drinking sufficient water and cutting out cigarettes

Then, there are natural ways to boost testosterone production, this includes:

  • Getting some sunlight, especially on your back and chest (wear sunscreen, you don’t want to end up like Dog the Bounty Hunter)
  • Hitting squats and working out the large leg muscles (chest, back and other large compound workouts as well)
  • Eating broccoli and spinach to remove estrogen from the body
  • Massaging your testicles for 30 seconds or more under cold water in the shower
  • Getting a full nights sleep as often as possible

Due to this extra boost in testosterone and blood flow, I had shorter refractory periods, and was better able to put up with my sexy little nymph.  My erection quality was so strong, oftentimes I was able to keep an erection until a second ejaculation!  No loss in erection strength.

Granted, this only happened (happens… still does) occasionally, but it was a major advancement for me.

There is also a technique where you can learn to block the ejaculation during orgasm, allowing you to stay hard after orgasm for multiple more orgasms… it’s called the male multiple orgasm technique.  For more info on this, click here: Eliminate Refractory Period Altogether

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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