Do Vegans Last Longer In Bed Than Meat Eaters?

PETA is an interesting group…

A good cause… but making some big claims lately as to the sexual powers that being a vegan bring.

A new PETA commercial shows two couples having sex simultaneously, in side-by-side screens.

On the screen on the left, a meat eater… to the right, a vegan.

The meat eater, from the beginning of the commercial, is trying his damndest not to finish… meanwhile, the vegan is just laying back with complete control, allowing his lady to ride away like a bucking bronco.

Within a few seconds, the meat eater can’t hold back and finishes, meanwhile the vegan on the other hand is cool as a cucumber…

So the meat-eaters girlfriend gets up, pissed, and gets on her phone… (undoubtedly texting another man to finish the job, or tell her friend how terrible this guys premature ejaculation was… you know how those meat eater’s girls are)… and the vegan just keeps on going… lasting forever during sex.

While the vegan continues to display endless stamina, the carnivore leaves the apartment, walks outside…. and an AC unit falls on his head…


The idea is cool, but BS. And it seems like PETA ad execs really hate people who eat meat.

PETA released an accompanying press release to the commercial, saying (essentially) the following:

  • A vegan diet tackles all physical causes of impotence, including high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer or inflammation, and hormonal imbalances…
  • A recent study suggest that men who eat high flavonoids, found in fruits like strawberries, blueberries and apples can reduce their chances of ED by over 20 percent (I wrote about this in my last blog post, actually).
  • Each person who goes vegan saves 100 animals a year from suffering terrible deaths.

Now… these three points are actually true, but erection quality, or overcoming “impotence” has nothing to do with how long you can last in bed

vegetarian diet premature ejaculation Do Vegans Last Longer In Bed Than Meat Eaters?

For instance, take teenagers.

They’re the number one sufferers of premature ejaculation, and get erections just from a passing breeze.

So improving your erection quality, or overcoming impotence, will not increase the amount of time you last in bed.

Something interesting though… a 2010 study has shown that men with more belly fat… fatter men… last longer in bed… can’t ever recall on overweight Vegan, so the meat eaters might have an advantage there.

And I get what PETA is trying to do here, save animals. It’s a good cause… BUT… don’t make stuff up to get there.

Are You a Carnivore or Vegan Looking To Last Longer in Bed?

There are a number of natural ways to last long during sex… speaking about vegetarian, an herb called winter savory has been shown to help men last longer in bed. Upping your B12 helps as well.

If you want to go the medical route, a low dose of an ssri can greatly delay ejaculation (and you can actually take dapoxetine on an on-demand basis).

Or if you want to learn how to last long during sex on your own, without any outside help, you have two options:

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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