Do Wrinkles Make a Man Less Attractive to Women?

You gotta forgive me, I’m a little vain.. but then again most of us are.

I’m getting a little older, and while I’m no old geezer, I am getting a couple of natural lines and wrinkles here and there.

So I began thinking… would these wrinkles get in the way of me attracting good looking (hopefully younger) women?

Then I remembered a woman I had recently met.

She was older, most likely in her mid 40’s… with very noticeable wrinkles in her forehead and some crows feet around her eyes.

But I was STRONGLY attracted to her… I thought she was hot as hell.

And you know, you always hear, women are more attracted to confidence/personality, and men are more attracted to looks…

So if I was visually attracted to this older woman with wrinkles, then I can imagine a younger woman could be attracted to an older man with wrinkles, if he has the character that attracts her as well…

Then I googled something along the lines of are men still attractive even if they have wrinkles?

I knew the answer… many women fawn over George Clooney, and his age is visually apparent… other women say Sean Connery is sexy, even though he’s old as dirt.

Then I came across this article about how women are attracted to men who look like their fathers.

I had heard this theory before… I believe it’s called sexual imprinting.

But I hadn’t given it much thought.

If an older man gave birth to a girl, and she grew up looking at this older man,  then going by this theory (which has actually been tested and shown to be true in many cases), then this woman would be attracted to older men, as long as they resembled her father (hence the reason many women find bald men hot, too!)

So you can have a hot 21 year-old girl who shared a good relationship with her father (seems to make her even more attracted to a man who looks like dad), and you can be a 48 year old man who resembles her father, and you’ve got a good chance of picking her up!  As long as you got some confidence and personality to you!

So bottom line… yeah, you can still be hot to women, even if you have some lines…

And it seems that the older you get, the less you give a shit.

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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