“Does losing weight make your Penis Bigger?”

LOSING WEIGHT WILL IMPROVE YOUR SEXUAL POWER… however, it does not make your penis bigger.

Just like they say you can tell how big a man’s penis is by measuring from the bottom of his hand to the top of his middle finger, or half the size of his foot..

this is yet another common belief/misunderstanding of the penis.  However, losing weight would be very beneficial to your penis.

When you lose stomach fat, more of your penis is exposed from under the rolls, hence it looks bigger and you can use more of it.  More of it can enter into the woman’s vagina, without your stomach holding it back.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Even a small reduction in belly fat can greatly improve things.


Begin lifting weights.  The more muscle mass you have on your body, the faster you burn fat (even when you’re sleeping).

Abs… get some ab muscles in there, even if it’s under the fat, build them up.

Lifting weights produces testosterone, especially when you do squats, leg press and other leg muscle workouts, with relatively heavy weight.

The quad muscle is a huge muscle leg, and when worked out, pumps out large amounts of testostorone.

When you increase your testosterone production, you build muscle mass quicker and burn fat faster (faster metabolism).

If you do start lifting weights, eat two hours before your workout (light carbs, good protein)… so you’re not working out hungry (bad), but your food is digested, and it’s not digesting during the workout.

Eating while digesting is bad, because you’re splitting your energy in two directions, and you’re not doing either one as well.

Then eat another meal (light carbs, good protein) immediately after the workout (as soon as possible), to keep the muscle you gained during the workout.

Drink tons of water during your workout, and breath well.

Just like working out hungry, or the same muscle two days in a row, being low on oxygen or water can lead to overtraining.

Overtraining plummets your testosterone levels, and actually weakens your muscles.

On days when you’re not working out, eat light.  If you’d like skip a meal, and only eat twice, but pig out nice one time, on what you really feel like eating… don’t over do it.

Or you can replace a meal with a chicken salad during the day. Tuna’s great too.

Be strong, stay away from sweets and junk food.  But treat yourself a couple of times a week… learn to eat little pieces instead of the whole thing.  Or intentionally always leave a portion of your meal.

Get a little disciplined, and your penis will thank you… and so will your lover, and so will your body, and so will your sex drive.

If you’d like to learn how to really make your penis bigger, with manual exercises, check this out…

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Manpower’s Guide (Ultimate Sex Guide for Men)

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  1. hi, i am 5’6 180lbs, and my penis when fully erect is 5’3/4in long. i mesured it 3months ago, when i was 220lbs, and it is still the same size. if i lose more weight, will it seem bigger? or am i stuck with this size for ever? please help, thanks.

    • Well, you’re not stuck at this size forever, whether you lose weight or not… penis enlargement exercises can help increase your size regardless of your weight… but if you have a big gut, trimming down will be able to let you see and use a little more of it

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