Does My Erection Have A Steel Pipe Running Through It?

exercises for harder erections 289x300 Does My Erection Have A Steel Pipe Running Through It?That’s what it feels like.  It’s almost like my erection has a thick metal rod running through it.  My erection is harder than it’s ever been.

I realized this weekend that after I ejaculated, I maintain my erection for a good while.  And even when it started to go soft, there was like an interior rod that wouldn’t go soft yet…this was so cool to me.

I used to lose my erection immediately after orgasm…sometimes even during the ejaculation.

My girl would automatically detect when I had an orgasm because of my rapidly deflating erection.  Now my penis stays erect long enough after ejaculating to even give my girl another orgasm.

Also, once I get an erection, it’s not going away until I want it to.  I can get an erection, and when it has become fully erect, it’s almost like that steel pipe runs through it and fortifies it.  It won’t go away until I ejaculate or if I wait a while…and even then, it takes a long time to go soft.

I am not complaining here.  In fact, I am ecstatic.  I can’t get enough of hearing “Oh my God, I love your dick” while I’m pile driving my girl from behind.

My erection quality has improved due to the combination of a couple of exercises.  I perform a natural penis enlargement routine (email me here if you’d like to see photo proof that it works), along with an erection exercise routine, and they both seem to work synergistically in improving my erection quality.

The penis enlargement exercises increase the blood flow to my penis, and I feel that after performing my exercises for some time, I have built up this tough center to my penis, that when engorged with blood during erection, is extremely hard and fortifies and supports my overall erection.  This is the steel pipe.

I also perform some erection exercises that strengthen all of the muscles used in the erection process.  These strengthen the muscles on the inside of the pelvis, like the PC/BC muscle and the pelvic floor.  When all of these are strengthened, they form a strong inner support for the steel pipe, and work to hold it in place.

If you would like harder erections, forget Cialis, forget Viagra or any of the other erectile dysfunction treatments.  My erection exercises have worked wonders for men of all ages.

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Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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  1. Sir i am sahil stephen my age is 22 i am having a problem of penis erectile. Now in a day time my penis remain like a dead and soft even i see a porn film aur sexy pic my penis remain soft. But at night when i try to masturbate it again get erectile give me a better solution to make my penis rod hard even i see any sex pic

    • it doesn’t make sense that your erection only works at night, but not in the day… this leads me to believe that your problem is psychological… sexual performance anxiety, not erectile dysfunction

      in the morning, your testosterone levels are even higher than in the evening, so if anything you should be experiencing the opposite

  2. Matthew Hearn says:

    Hey Mr. Manpower. I’m 20 years old and my wife is 21. She loves when I give it to her from behind and on top but my size is not like I desire it to be and when I finish ejaculating my penis deflates and doesn’t come back up until some hours later. Even when she wants me to go deeper I can’t because my size is not like it should be but she says I’m awesome to her. What should I do?

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