ED in Young Men – Is It Possible? If So, What Are The Causes?

erectile dysfunction in young men ED in Young Men - Is It Possible? If So, What Are The Causes?

I hear it all the time from young men suffering from erection issues:

“I just can’t get hard with my new girlfriend… whatever I do, my penis stays soft, and I just can’t keep it up when it does get hard, or lose it when putting on the condom!… do I have erectile dysfunction?  I’m 22 years old…”

Or something along those lines…


Erectile dysfunction is a problem that men of all ages face.  But ED especially happens quite a bit in young men. And the problem of mental ED usually occurs as follows:

1) It starts with one erectile failure (which can happen for numerous reasons other than a physically weakening erection),

2) The man freaks out, thinks he has erectile dysfunction,

3) Gives up on that particular sexual encounter, defeated, embarrassed, and worried that he might have a physical problem.

4) Man begins researching on erectile dysfunction, and its various treatments, and dreads the idea of possibly being the youngest man with erectile dysfunction, and further dreads that he may need to take Viagra (and shamefully speak to his doctor about it).

5) Man returns to the sexual partner with intentions of “testing” his erection.

6) This pressure and higher stakes causes further anxiety, which impairs function of erection even more…

7) Man seriously begins to sweat now, and begins to seriously believe he has erectile dysfunction.

Sounds familiar?

If you’re generally a young dude, and you are freaking out over a suddenly dysfunctional erection, there’s a 99% chance it’s all mental.

This problem is also known as sexual performance anxiety, or sexual anxiety.

The majority of times this happens to a man in the early days of this sex life, but can also “strike” at any time later on in life, if the man’s never had an erection “fail”.


Physical erectile dysfunction is much more common in men over 40 (although it does occur in young men taking medication, with certain diseases, or in very bad physical shape).

Recent studies have shown, however, that ED can actually affect up to 25% of men under 40…

If sexual performance anxiety is taking a toll on your sex life, and keeping you from getting it up, there is a foolproof technique to beating this.

Part of it involves not putting any pressure on your erection… letting it happen on its own.. you can’t mentally will your erection to become full… mental arousal (while maintaining physically and mentally “undisturbed”) is necessary to gain a complete erection, and all you need.

There are also exercises to physically strengthen your erection, giving you harder, longer lasting erections, check this out...

Have a good one!!

David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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