Ed Mental Block Caused Me To Lose The Sexiest Girl Ever

ed mental blockEd mental block is a pain in the ass.

It can really get in the way of a good thing.

When you suffer from an inability to get hard due to anxiety, you feel judged by the girl you are with, you judge yourself… it’s tough not to get yourself down when troubled by this.

An “Active” Time In My Life

When I was about 23 or 24, I worked as a waiter at at a local “Alehouse” sports bar. While it was a very degrading job, the amount of women I got was higher than any other time in my life.

However, the girls I got were decent at best… nothing “off the charts” hot… couple of fellow waitresses, a few drunken patronesses…

But one night, I really outdid myself…

The Caramel Venezuelan Goddess

I used to walk behind the bar to get ice for the ice wells, check on the window to run food, etc. when one night I caught eyes with this caramel-skinned, dark eyed BEAUTIFUL goddess with some very nice cleavage, sitting at the bar with an almost as hot red-head, playing those little poker video games.

Just a fluke I figured… with the whole eye contact thing.

I walked by again, to get something else, and once again… eyes meet… but with intent this time.

Did she like me?

Did I have something on my face or something? She was way out of my league…

I went back to my section, and towards the end of the night, her friend (the hot redhead) walked up to me on the way to the restroom, and says, “my friend likes you… go talk to her.”…

I hadn’t had this feeling since middle-school… I had plenty of girlfriends growing up, but this was that new, exciting “crush” feeling that seems to only happen when you are a little kid, and less and less as you get older.

So I gathered everything in my gut (especially tough after a day of being degraded by rude/drunken patrons), and walked up to this girl.

I asked her what was her name, what was her sign (just kidding… didn’t ask her her sign), how was she doing, blah blah blah… and that I thought she looked good.

“Could I have your number?”… I asked.

She pulled the sexy, hard-to-get girl act and said she was “going to think about it”… although I knew it was in the bag.

I said “alright, you know where to find me”, and went on doing my finishing work.


She walked by me to go to the bathroom, and gave me a napkin with her number on it…

“Oh man!!! What a beautiful girl… I’ve really outdone myself this time.”

But a number doesn’t mean shit, unless you do something with it… I’ve gotten plenty of numbers over the years that turned into nothing.

In this case though, however, the dream just kept getting better and better…

Around 2 am when I was turning in the cash to the manager, a co-worker came up to me and said a girl named Diana was waiting for me outside….


I felt a sudden attack of anxiety/happiness/excitement/exhaustion/fear… all wrapped up in one.  In the mindstate I was in (probably an 8 hour shift of putting up with a lot of BS), it was overwhelming. But as a man, there’s no option in things like this, other than to go for it!

I remember walking out of the back door of the restaurant and seeing her amazingly fine self “tight-rope” walking on a concrete edge, coming towards me in the night.. it was like I was literally dreaming.

We went hotel bar next door (where all the waiters would go after work – open till 5 am), and ended up drunk, making out in the parking lot, with my hands in her shirt feeling up those firm, supple tits with long nipples, and her hands were in my pants…

(Note: There’s no ED mental block when there’s no pressure on you to perform!)

We didn’t have sex, but man, I was in the clouds… my life was perfect (for the moment at least).

Our Sexual Encounters Progress

Turns out she had JUST broken up from a 4 year relationship, so I was a rebound fling…

But you know what, she was so fine, she could have just used me up… I didn’t care. I knew there was going to be pain in the future, but I was going to ride this out as long as possible…

But then things progressed… and it became more than just a small fling.

We didn’t have sex the first couple dates, but did have heavy makeout sessions, feeling on each other, etc.  She’d continue to visit me at work, and we would go outside on my break, talk, kiss, feel on each other… we’d be on the phone till early in the morning… we were going on dates to places (other than bars! movies, etc.)

I told her that when I was with her, it felt like a drug, and she said she felt the same…

…But then there was the night we had sex.

ED Mental Block… You Son Of A Bitch… Whiskey Dick… You Jerk

One night, what started out as a boring date, ended up being a wild road trip to visit a friend of hers in a city about an hour north…  on the trip we finished off a bottle of white wine, made out while driving, felt on each other, etc.

Up until now, I can say I was probably “taking it slow” because I was afraid… she was too hot. I didn’t want to mess things up.

But this night, we were going full speed.

We then went to a local pool hall, where a few of her hot-ass friends were, and we had a more drinks, shots…  (she was incredibly good at pool, too, which in itself was a major turn-on for some reason)…

By the end of the night, I was very drunk… we ended up at her friend’s house, and were going to “sleep” on the couch.

I was so shit-faced, that I was hoping that’s what she actually wanted to do… go to sleep.

But she had different plans… no more pussy-footing allowed…

She started pulling down my pants, and anxiety kicked in… mixed with the amount of alcohol I had imbibed, I had all out ED mental block.

My dick did the opposite of become erect… it shrunk up… in her hands.

It must have felt like a baby dick (this was before I did penis enlargement…. my flaccid size use to be pretty small)… and continued to shrivel up, as anxiety and embarrassment ate me up.

She looked down at my tiny flaccid penis with a face of disgust, and told me, “why can’t you fuck me like that dog?”

Which at the time turned into an AMAZING emasculation… the dog was manlier than me…

She turned around with a face of disgust, and went to sleep… and just like that a strong attraction transformed into instant despisement.

The Horrible Aftermath of This Mental Erectile Dysfunction

The next day we woke up, and it felt like a nightmare had occurred…

I no longer felt that open connection with this girl… it felt as if a wall had risen up between us.

Deep down I felt like a loser, and I was WAY far from home, and we had to take a trip back to Miami together…. hung over as hell.

It was a silent trip. I failed, she knew it, I knew it.

My confidence levels were not enough to get over this.  She was too hot, too in-demand, to have to deal with a weak lover.

I was given a brief chance, and I dropped the ball.

And it wasn’t just the liquor’s fault.  Alcohol doesn’t help ED mental block, but I had (and have had) sex MANY, MANY times while completely drunk… as long as you’re comfortable with the girl, then alcohol is not enough to wipe out your erection.

She never gave me another shot.

She hung out with me as “a friend” after that… and the more I tried, the more I “stuck a fork in it”.  It was done. I was a friend.

And it sucked.

How I Learned To Overcome ED Mental Block

In time, I learned quite a bit about the problem… I had to!  I wasn’t going to let this happen again!

This is what I’ve learned.. to get an erection on command, when nervous/anxious, you need to:

1) Admit you are anxious – it is common for ALL men to get anxious before sex. It’s human nature, and you’re a human.

2) Don’t concentrate on “getting hard”, concentrate on “getting horny” – Work out the mental arousal, and your erection will come along on it’s own – it knows what to do

3) Take it SLOW… arousal grows when you are taking it slow… comfort grows when you are taking it slow… both of these are requirements for an erection. NO RUSHING, EVEN WHEN PUTTING ON A CONDOM.

There are also some exercises you can do to have much harder erections. An it’s not kegels I’m talking about. These greatly improved the blood flow throughout my penis and my erection hardness (duration). Click here for more on this guide to harder erections.  I also have some more advanced techniques to overcoming ED mental block, if the above doesn’t help.

Now go out and have some fun!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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