Ejaculation Frequency And Well-Being… All In Moderation

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My earliest ideas formed on ejaculation control, (after my masturbate-everyday, teenage period) were to save up my ejaculation as long as possible. I got this concept from the Taoists. They look at semen as “life essence”, and when you “spill it” (ejaculate) you experience the “little death”. And I would kind of feel it.

After ejaculation (whether through sex or masturbation) I usually feel really lazy, kind of weak, unmotivated and sometimes kind of irritable. Football and boxing coaches and trainers many times have their fighters save up ejaculation for weeks prior to an event.

So I would sometimes go for up to a month and more without ejaculating. I would be strong as hell, and have the sex drive of a silver-back gorilla.

However, I would also feel antsy, on edge, had trouble sleeping, and became extremely ego-competitive. Then I read somewhere that ejaculating regularly actually boosts your testosterone levels. This was written in a book by two doctors. Now doctors don’t know everything, but this did give me the green light to ejaculate without fear of being weak, and having a “little death”.

However, I still have the same laziness after-effects when I ejaculate, and it is compounded if I ejaculate a few times in a row.  So I was hit with the question that most thinking men have at least once in their life… how often should I ejaculate?

My Rules For Ejaculation Frequency… How Often Should You Ejaculate…

So I have struck a balance. I ejaculate two or three times a week, and try not to do two days in a row. If I am to have sex more than that, I teach myself discipline, and conserve my semen. I believe that’s a good amount; I still feel strong, and when the tension and stress add up enough, I let one loose…without worry.

Male multiple orgasms are a good form of ejaculation control, because you can still orgasm, without ejaculating. You feel the pleasure, but not the release of your “essence”.  Also you can keep your erection because you did not ejaculate, and you can have orgasm after orgasm.

So if you feel that ejaculation makes you weaker, you have another option here…

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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