Eliminating Refractory Period Saved Me From Sucking In Bed

I remember a few years back when a favorite girlfriend of mine left me.

I had a crippling case of premature ejaculation, and I was never able to last long enough to make her orgasm…

…and this was the MAIN reason she left me.

I was convinced I was going to win her back… I learned all sorts of techniques and information on how to make a woman orgasm, but in reality, premature ejaculation was my main problem.

I remember smashing away during sex with her.  My orgasm would rapidly approach, her warm vagina squeezed so wonderfully on my erection… my penis was red hot and ready to blow in under 5 minutes…

I would tell her, “slow down, slow down… you’re going to make me bust”… and she’d get mad as hell… “I’M ALMOST THERE!  DON’T STOP!”

So I wouldn’t stop… I would plow through to my oozing orgasm, and meanwhile she’d be looking up at me with another face of disappointment like, ‘are you finished yet?’…

I never had enough firepower to take her to her orgasm.

What a loser I felt like.  I thought I was physically a sexually weak individual, destined to live a life of loserdom in bed.

I heard stories from other women saying that their men made them feel like they were going to urinate, and then it would follow through with gushing waves of orgasmic pleasure.

I never received any of this feedback about my performance from any girl.

…Fast forward a few years.

…I’m in bed with another woman.

I’m approaching this red zone again, where my penis is red hot and ready to blow… my girl yells out “KEEP GOING, DON’T STOP” while clawing my back with her nails.

This time I get to my orgasm, continue pumping throughout my orgasm, but I keep my erection and keep on going!

A few seconds after the end of my first orgasm, my penis is still rock hard and penetrating as if I never had an orgasm… I continue plowing my girl, I feel her legs tense up around my body, and her vagina clamp down on my dick.

Her legs start shivering, her breathing is really quick, and she’s squirting a warm liquid into my pubic bush… then all of sudden she releases this “clamping” from around my body.

I’ve taken her through a powerful orgasm, but my penis is still hard!

So I continue on penetrating… dick hard like I just started.

My penis isn’t so red hot this time around.  I have much more control… I push my pelvis into her clit with a deep thrust, I stroke her clit with an up and down motion, and then quickly dip in for one quick thrust…

I turn her around and put her on all fours… usually in this position I feel like coming within a few strokes, but after my first orgasm, I feel much more in control.

After giving it to her hard and deep from behind I begin to feel her vagina clamping up again… her moans grow louder till she sticks her head into the pillow with a pleasurable crying sound.  She grips the bedsheets with one hand and puts her hand on the wall with other.. when BAM… she splashes the base of my penis with that warm juice…

I hear from her head in the pillow “that was amazing…”

But I’m not done yet…  I haven’t gotten my second orgasm yet…

What was the difference between my loser performance with my ex girlfriend, and my current pornstar performance?

The Male Multiple Orgasm

The male multiple orgasm allows you to maintain your erection after orgasm.  With this technique you learn to have an orgasm without ejaculating… when you ejaculate you lose your orgasm… however, orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes.

For more information on how to stay hard after orgasm, eliminate refractory period, and have multiple orgasms, click here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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