Enzyte Testimonial: Bigger Flaccid Hang, Stronger Erections, But…

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If you look around myenzyte testimonial site, you’ll see that I’m ANTI-pills.

My main beef with natural male enhancement pills is that they claim to make your penis bigger, but it reality, do not increase the size at all.

Also, the main benefits that male enhancement pills DO provide (increased libido, stronger erections), can be brought about through other means…

BUT, I do have first hand knowledge of Enzyte, being that I tried it out about 10 years back when they used to have those commercials giving out free, 1-month trials… I was curious, so kill me.

So here goes my Enzyte review…

I received the “free” trial of Enzyte (I say free in quotation marks because they asked for my credit card info… how young and dumb I was just 10 years ago… I forgot the explanation why they asked for it), and was actually quite excited about it.  I had already known about natural penis enlargement exercises, and had been performing them on and off, but not with any real dedication.

Upon taking the pills a couple of days, I noticed my flaccid penis hung a little heavier and lower (which was nice, I must admit), and I was waking up with raging boners.  My erections were much harder also, during normal times of achieving erections.  I couldn’t tell you if I had increased libido, because I was (and still am), horny all the damn time (especially where I worked at the time – a bartender at a popular sports bar in Miami).

The bigger flaccid hang was my favorite part of the equation though.  That is what used to fool people into thinking they were making their penis bigger… because they’d see a larger flaccid size, and harder erections (which may have been a TEENY bit larger, just due to the hardness of the thing). But an increasing penis size over time?

Not gone happen… not with any natural male enhancement pills… not with any natural penis enlargement pills… not with ANY pills.

So that was the good part of my Enzyte testimonial… now…

After my one month “free” trial ended, they charged me for one month’s supply without my request.

I did not want the Enzyte. It was like 40 bucks a month, and to be honest, the only reason I tried it out was to see if it would make my penis bigger.  And a slightly larger flaccid hang was not enough for me to pay that money (plus I had seen that with consistent natural penis enlargement exercises, flaccid penis size would grow much bigger anyway).

They mailed me the second month’s supply, which I did not want, so I mailed it back, and called them, and asked to cancel.  I don’t recall what excuse they gave me, but they would not provide the refund (think it was something like you must cancel 30 days in advance — douchebags).

Then I got a third charge… and another supply.  I mailed these back (think of the time wasted…), raised hell on the phone, they finally REALLY cancelled, and they did provide me the refund.

My Enzyte testimonial in a nutshell… if you are experiencing weak erections and low libido, then Enzyte may be a cost effective natural solution to Viagra, if you don’t have insurance…

Personally, I’ve found natural ways to increase libido, achieve stronger erections AND increase penis size, all without the need for any pills, surgery or costly solution. I have a much bigger flaccid hang and size now, and my erection is 1.5+ inches longer, and much thicker…

I’ve written down all I’ve learned over the years about these exercises into one downloadable guide. Click here for more info…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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