Erythropoietin Returns Erectile Function After Prostate Cancer Surgery

Erythropoietin (EPO) improves erectile function following a prostatectomy.

My father had prostate cancer.

If you’re father or brother had prostate cancer, there’s double the chance you’ll get it, so it’s something I think about from time to time.

Knowing that most prostate cancers are slow-growing and can be dealt with well when treated early or just monitored (if very slow), and that most men who have prostate cancer die with it and not from it (meaning they die from another cause, and they just so happen to have the prostate cancer when they die), it doesn’t scare me all that much…


Being “Mr. Manpower”, the all-natural-solution-to-sexual-problems-super-stud-with-infallible-rock-hard-erections… the idea of losing my erectile function from a prostatectomy (removal of prostate to cut out the cancer – erectile dysfunction can occur from it), does indeed scare me.

So… every once in awhile in my research I come across some good news in the world of erectile-function recovery in men who had prostate cancer surgery, which brings me happiness.

This was so interesting, I felt the need to share….

Erythropoietin (aka EPO, hematopoietin, or hemopoietin), Greatly Improves Erectile Function Recovery in Men Who Had A Prostatectomy

Erythropoietin improves erections after prostate cancer surgery

Today I came across a page on where they are recruiting men for a study on erythopoietin‘s positive effects on erectile function recovery following a prostatectomy. Erythropoietin (EPO) is a naturally occurring hormone in humans that controls blood cell production.

I figured there must be some studies already published on this, and luckily there are…

I found this study, where 15 patients were given 40,000 IU of EPO via subcutaneous injection the day before their nerve-sparing prostate removal surgery, and 21 were given normal preoperative procedures without the hormone… the idea being that the blood cell stimulating hormone offers protection to the nerves and blood cells in the area.

All men had perfectly functioning erections before the study, and erectile function was measured using the International Index of Erectile Function 5 questionnaire.

A year following surgery, 87% of EPO-treated men were having sex compared to 68% of men not treated with EPO, “although the erythropoietin-treated patients had a significantly greater ability to perform sexual intercourse with minimal or no difficulty”.

In another study, male rats with cavernous nerve injuries (the same nerves surgeons try to spare during prostatectomy; a mini prostatectomy was carried out on the poor rats) were treated with human EPO, either the day before the “injury”, or for 14 days following the injury.

Daily treatment of EPO effectively recovered erections compared to saline treatment, and daily treatment following the injury to the nerve was just as effective as getting the treatment the day before the injury.

Lot of promising findings in this area. Can’t wait to see the results of the latest study on humans.

How To Naturally Increase EPO Production and Other Ways To Improve Erectile Function

I did some brief research on natural ways to improve EPO production, and came across the following tips:

  • Perform hypoxic exercise (practice of limiting oxygen availability while training)
  • Increase iron intake
  • Increase protein intake
  • Stay hydrated

Nothing groundbreaking, but all things to keep in mind. Your best bet will be going the medical route if needing EPO treatment, though. Also, not a big fan of limiting my oxygen either when exercising…

Exercise in general is great for erectile function. Cardio on it’s own has been shown to greatly improve erectile function. No need to limit your oxygen-intake either while doing so.

There are actually many things you can do to improve your erection quality naturally.

I’ve researched substantially in this area over the years, and have written a guide with everything I know in this area. Not your run of the mill knowledge, and all highly-effective information and techniques backed by science.

I’ve received great feedback from men who’ve followed my program — harder, longer-lasting erections that happen when they need them, without failure.

For more info see here: How to Naturally Improve Erectile Function

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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