Testicle Massage to Increase Testosterone and Bloodflow

how to make your penis bigger without pills Testicle Massage to Increase Testosterone and Bloodflow

Want to have stronger erections?  Then improve the circulation throughout your lower body and improve your testosterone production with the following testicle massage and these two other man-boosting activities:

Testicle Massage

Just like your circulation can improve with  cardio, your testicles can get a little boost in functioning with a massage.  It’s just as simple as it sounds: massage your testicles with your hands, for 30 seconds to a minute per day. Do it under cold water for an extra boost (like at the end or beginning of your shower). This will improve testosterone production, which in turn will give you stronger erections and libido.

Cardiovascular Activity / Exercise

If you’re stagnant, then your erections will be too.  If you want healthier, longer lasting erections, then get that blood flowing.  Get up off your ass, and run around the block at least.  Doesn’t have to be anything extreme (as a matter of fact, excessive cardio activity is bad for testosterone production), but at least get out there, move those muscles, let those endorphins go, and break a sweat.

Not only will you have improved erection quality, but a better state of mind / mood.  If running is boring, then get on the court and play some ball, get in the gym and learn to box, do something more exciting and “ballsy”.  So you won’t just be doing exercises for erections, but for your confidence as well.


While weight training in general has been shown to increase testosterone production naturally, nothing boosts T levels more than squats.  As a matter of fact, compound exercises (exercises that require a lot of energy and involve multiple muscle groups – the power, football exercises) have been shown to be the top testosterone boosters.

Do these three exercises once or twice a week, and push yourself on the weight you lift.  Each week try to add a little more (make sure to Youtube how to perform the exercises properly, or ask someone in your gym who knows).

Strengthen those leg muscles to their max, and you’ll have stronger erections than a teen on Viagra… all naturally.


For more advanced exercises for erections, including exercises to maximize the strength of your pc/bc/pelvic swing (sort of like “super kegels), as well as manual techniques to maximize the blood flow to your shaft and head, giving you longer lasting, harder erections, click here: Exercises For Erections, Longer Lasting Erections

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