Exercises To Naturally Make Your Penis Bigger While Flaccid

People say that your flaccid penis size doesn’t matter, that the erect size is all that counts…

Well, the erect size is all that counts when it comes to sex, but in other scenarios, flaccid penis size counts (at least to us as men).

Being that I had a tiny flaccid penis as a fully grown adult, I can say first hand that these situations sucked:

  • Dancing close to a woman
  • Getting out of the water while wearing a bathing suit
  • Having a woman grab your penis out of the blue
  • Changing in the locker room/comparing to other guys
  • Wearing loose clothes that expose “the goods”

While none of these are life-or-death situations, they can prove to be difficult or embarrassing if you have a small flaccid penis.

Being concerned with your flaccid penis size is more of an ego thing than a practical concern.

But to many of us manly, competitive men… ego things are often important, regardless of how hard we try and say they are not.

I might seem shallow or artificial, but since increasing the size of my flaccid penis, I feel much better about myself, more confident around women, and all around, well, manlier (manly’s the word of the day, I guess).

I’ve been performing some “penis enlargement exercises” for quite a while now.  I’ve learned these exercises from some experts in the “field”.  A few of these men have added more than 3 inches to their penis length…  and in the process of learning and performing penis enlargement, I’ve created one monster of a flaccid penis.

I used to have the flaccid penis size of a 10 year old… as a fully grown adult.

It was sad.

While it didn’t interfere with my sex life, or life in general, I always felt “shortchanged” as to my flaccid penis size.

I felt like it was underdeveloped or something… like I hadn’t eaten enough while growing up or something.  I always felt like I was hiding something.

It used to just poke out… it was extremely light and soft.  I felt like a pussy with this tiny thing.

Not that I was gay or anything, but at times I’d see men’s bulges in their crotch areas, and I’d get jealous.

Penis envy is a very real feeling…

Once again, I’m being shallow and superficial… but aren’t we all just a little bit?

So now my penis hangs when not erect… it’s heavier, thicker… I feel some weight hanging between my legs.

It feels good having a larger flaccid penis.

No hesitation to push up on a woman in the club; no hesitation to drop my pants before sex; quicker erections because there’s no anxiety over a woman seeing or feeling my penis when it’s soft.

I saw an increase in my flaccid penis size within the first week of doing these exercises, and it’s grown since then.

Penis enlargement exercises involve using your hands to stretch, and engorge more blood into your penis.  Might sound scary, but penis enlargement is safe, easy, painless, and actually improves your erection strength, due to the improved blood flow to your penis.  Hard to believe, I know, but bear with me here…

Men have been performing these exercises for centuries… ancient Indian texts refer to these exercises… in ancient literature there are references to young men entering adulthood with massive hanging penises, thanks to an adolescence full of penis enlargement exercises…

If you need some proof, I have before and after photos proving that these exercises work… just send me an e-mail here with “photo proof” in the subject line, and I’ll reply with the photos.

Let me know what you think, and have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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