How To Overcome Performance Anxiety & Strengthen Erections

If you are looking for erections on command, even when you’re drunk, tired, or having sex in a stressful/unrelaxed situation… then I can help you.

I’ve put together a guide to erection strengthening exercises and how to mentally overcome any and all sexual performance anxiety…

I received this e-mail today, helps illustrate some things and offers some good advice on overcoming sexual anxiety:

“Hi, I’m 19 and recently become sexually active with intercourse..

I have not had a problem keeping it hard during masturbation or foreplay, and usually most blow jobs.  But recently I tried anal-intercourse and I just couldn’t get it in and keep it hard.

And another recent happend while I was having a blow job and I just sorta lost it after a while, the bj was prob the best I have ever had and she was teasing me very well but I couldn’t get it fully hard again.

I’m concerned about this and idk what else to do.

I may have been nervous about the bj since it was in a car on a country dirt road, but still I had other problems before, so I’m not sure thats the only problem.

What would you recommend? I heard protein shakes might help, would that help as well?

Thanks a lot.”


My reply:

Hello CT:

Protein shakes won’t make a difference.

If you go into any sexual situation worrying about your erection quality, you will most likely have erectile difficulties.

Having any anxiety, fear or worry can get in the way of your erection fully hardening.  These feelings seem the thwart the bloodflow to your erection, and the proper hormonal signals to get fully hard.

(Might go back to caveman days when a man’s penis would shrivel up during intercourse while being rushed by a woolly mammoth… fight or flight signal overpowers sexual arousal…)

Either way, when you start feeling good, and get sufficiently sexually stimulated in the mind, while staying relaxed, your mind sends off the proper signals to get your erection fully hard.

Your penis works on its own… let it be and it will come around… try and mentally will, or force, your erection to happen, and it will almost always act stubborn and stay soft.

My guide can show you how to get in the proper mind state to minimize your chance of sexual performance anxiety.  I can also show you a number of erection strengthening exercises that will condition your penis and pc muscles to give you rock hard erections, at the drop of a dime, and will maintain your hardness for as long as you need it.

For more information on the erection strengthening exercises and how to overcome sexual performance anxiety, check out my guide here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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  1. hi i just turned 17 in december , i have been having problems getting strong and random erections…b4 i used to get really strong erections now i get semi erection when i masturabte….b4 even if i think of something dirty i would get a hard erection….when i watch porn i dont get erections like before. b4 when i got erections i would have to hide it while watching porn. when i move my hips my penis moves b4 its used to stay firm and stiff and now it bends in all direction. i am really scared that i might have erectile dysfunction…if i do how will i make my woman happy in the future….also when i would get erection while sleeping it would just stand up straight now nothing when i get erection it points to my stomach cause its not strong like before it would fight the weight of pants and blanket and stand up straight and anyone could tell i had an erection if i was sleeping and the came in….do understand what im trying to say….i just cant get strong erection…do u think it will get better or anyway i can make it better and get crazy strong erection…its more important cause my penis isnt even that big and it only looks ok and bigger when erect….plzzzz help me im soo tensed.i also dont get morning wood like before its always semi erect or its not

  2. hi,
    Im a 21 yr. old guy. here on my knees for help. so i have been having problems maintaning a erection. i have found that i could spoon, and get one. but once i start taking my clothes off and know whats coming i get soft. i did get it in for about 1min awhile back and then went soft. i have been having this issue for about 4years now ever since high school. i did contacted my doc. and he prescrive me levitra. so now that did work great, but now its all gone and i want to stop relying on pills. i did watch porn for awhile back in the day still do here and their. i have had a girlfriend for about 1yr. i love her and planning to move in soon, when finacially we steady. please help me. she knows of the situation and understand emberrassing but need help. i remember i did have sex with this one girl. a hook up in high school and never did have a problem having sex, even ejaculated after 35-40min. so i think its my anxiety maybe? what do you think? please help me out! i will do anything try anything.

  3. khalilulrahman says:

    thank u for the information that u gave.

  4. Hi david am trying to order your prgram but every time i press download it gives blank pages can you please guide me to order correctly. thanks

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