Man Has a Weaker, Shrinking Penis… Is It Possible?

I received a question from a young man experiencing a number of sexual difficulties….

Check out his question regarding erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and… a shrinking penis?:

“I’m 18 and healthy, fit, active. i dont see what im doing wrong.

i used to be fine when it came to sex and masturbation. no issues, but in the past year [like 13 months to be exact], ive noticed that its almost impossible for me to maintain an erection, even with a girl i want. after i cum, it instantly starts going limp…

when i do get it up, its like 2-3 inches smaller than it used to be. which leads to to believe it shrank. its not even as wide.

i constantly get weak erections throughout the day, and i prematurely ejaculate during any type of sex, even with the half-erection i get. i used to be such a man. i dont know what went wrong.

i BARELY get pleasure from sex/touching myself. it actually feels more uncomfortable than anything. there is just NO stimulation down there. its like i died down there. i have not been with a girl for over 6 months because of this. over time it just got worse. this is depressing me so much. and its scaring me. so, am i fucked?”

-Willie W.

My answer:

Hey Willie:

You most likely have a psychological issue holding you back from getting a complete erection.  You are too young to have erectile dysfunction.  Your problem is most likely sexual performance anxiety.

You are doubting your erectile abilities, which leads you into sex or masturbation with a worried/anxious outlook, which in turn causes you to have an incomplete erection, or lose your erection once you get one.

There’s no way that your penis has shrunk, it is just not as hard as it was the first time around, before the first erection. Or you measured incorrectly the first time.

Funny thing, in Africa and Asia the idea of a shrinking penis is a more common psychological issue… they call it koro.

But get that out of your head. It’s not possible.

When you have sex with a half-erection, you actually ejaculate sooner.  With a harder, more complete erection, you can actually last longer.

As to your “psychological impotence”, just relax, get as horny as you can (while remaining relaxed), have confidence in your erection, but don’t even think about it.  It will happen on it’s own.

Do some cardio, some kegels… get some sunlight. Stack up on your protein and fats, but don’t slack on your carbs. Eat better… sleep better, and enjoy sex. This will boost your testosterone, circulation, libido and sense of well-being. If you can get in the gym and hit some weights, do that too.

If you want harder erections, to overcome anxiety, and to increase your “shrunken” penis, my guide will help.

But the info above should be a good start for you.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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