Female Orgasm Easier For Women With Bigger Lips (Tubercles)

how to make a woman orgasm bigger lips1 300x225 Female Orgasm Easier For Women With Bigger Lips (Tubercles)The female orgasm is a mystery to many (if not most) men.

Studies have shown that 80 to 90% of men believe they are giving their women orgasms during sex, meanwhile anonymous surveys have women reporting that only 50 to 60% percent of them are having orgasms… and these are optimistic results… I’ve seen worse (as low as only 25% of women reporting having orgasms during vaginal sex).

So, how do you raise your chances of making her orgasm?  One option is only dating women with prominent lip “tubercles”.

The lip tubercle is right in the center of the upper lip (right under the little “u” or “v”).  If it is prominent, meaning large and protruding forward, there are better chances for you giving her a vaginal orgasm.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine once published a survey of 258 women, taking down the number of times they have sex, frequency of vaginal orgasm, age, and the prominence of the tubercle in their upper lip. Women with a more pronounced tubercle were found to have higher frequencies of orgasms during sex.

The theory behind this lip-female orgasm relationship is that the same prenatal development influences that created the larger lip tubercle, increased the female’s ability to experience orgasm during vaginal intercoure…

Interesting findings.

My thoughts…

In men, testosterone is responsible for the development of masculine characteristics (facial and chest hair, broadness of shoulders, deepness of voice), as well as sexual characteristics (strength of libido, erection quality, length of refractory period, size of penis) during adolescence — and even before, size of flaccid penis may have been dictated by levels of testosterone in the womb.

So could estrogen have played a role in this?  While some men have large lips, a large tubercle seems to be more of a feminine characteristic… could it be that higher levels of estrogen in the womb, during adolescence, and in adulthood be the reason for both the larger tubercles and the increased ability for a woman to have vaginal orgasms?


So… what if your lady doesn’t have Angelina Jolie’s big lips? Does that mean she will never have an orgasm with you during sex?

No, it just means you need to work on your penetration techniques.

If you are not sure you are making your girl orgasm, there is a good possibility you are not….

1) Ask her… and ask her to be truthful with you.  You need a proper diagnosis (man up, don’t be scared here – the sour medicine heals…).  Don’t live in denial


2) Learn to penetrate with emphasis on the clitoris.

It is interesting that the tubercle rests at the top of the middle of her upper lips… and the clitoris rests at the top of where her two inner vaginal lips meet, in a corresponding location… another interesting connection…

Well either way, if you want to make a woman orgasm during vaginal intercourse, you need to put pressure on her “vaginal tubercle”… push hard into her clitoris with your pelvis when penetrating.  If she knows how to get off when she’s on top, take note of how she rides you… with a rubbing back and forth motion.

Try and replicate the motion when you’re on top.

So before you start injecting your girl’s upper lip with botox, give these penetration techniques for vaginal orgasm a try.

For more information on how to make her orgasm / female orgasm during sex, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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