How I increased my Flaccid Penis: from “Grow-er to Show-er”

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I used to have a flaccid penis that didn’t really hang much; it sort of just poked out, like a Vienna sausage. It really sucked. When I was going to have sex, I made sure it was hard before a girl even took a look at it. I avoided taking showers with girls due to the embarrassment I felt because of my flaccid penis.  When dancing with girls at the club, I don’t know if I was paranoid or anything, but I would notice many girls wouldn’t stay around when they’d dance up on it for a little while.  I do think I was just being paranoid though.

Well, the first thing that you’ll notice after starting a natural penis enlargement routine is a heavier, thicker, more hanging flaccid penis.  Within a week of exercises you should see some pretty good results in this regard. I like doing my routine on Sunday through Thursday, then taking a break on Friday and Saturday to recuperate.

I still love going out on the town, going to clubs, etc., whether its with my friends or a girlfriend.  I’ve honestly had a few times where girls would dance up on me and tell me I had a big dick….dead serious. Check out my updated natural penis enlargement routine here: How to Make Your Flaccid Penis Bigger…

You’ll see results sooner than you think.

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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