Girlfriend Comparing Your Penis To Her Last Boyfriend’s Penis

Asking girlfriend if your penis is bigger than ex boyfriendDon’t go down that road. 

If you can avoid the conversation altogether, try and avoid asking your girlfriend how you compare in penis size to her last boyfriend.

When I was younger, and much dumber, I had me a sexy little girlfriend by the name of Lily.

Back then I thought my 6 inch penis was huge, and I stupidly asked her if I had a bigger penis than her last boyfriend.  She told me no, that his penis was bigger.

In my obsessive mind this started to drive me crazy.

Every time we had sex I thought about it, and started thinking that she probably didn’t enjoy it as much as with her last boyfriend.  I should have never asked her this question to begin with, and since then I have never asked another girl about this.

Asking your girl how her ex-boyfriend’s penis compares to yours is just like asking her how many guys she’s slept with… why not just hit your head with a hammer??

When I was much younger, one girl who I loved very much told me she slept with 17 guys before me, and she was only 20!

Why the fuck did I ask that?

Some things are just better left alone…

Now if your girlfriend tells you out of the blue that her boyfriend had a bigger penis than you, then chances are she’s just a mean-spirited biatch who likes to play with your emotions…

If you get this feeling, then run for the hills as quickly

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Now I don’t ask, but thanks to internet statistics, I know I’m larger than the average… and that’s all I have to know.

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-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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