Have No Fear Over Exercises To Make Penis Bigger

exercises for a bigger penisI’ve been performing exercises to make my penis bigger for YEARS now… off and on of course.

The times I’ve made the major strides, and gains in penis size, were the times I went ALL IN, with no fear… long stretching sessions, intense girth sessions…

These were the times I’d measure a quarter inch larger the next time I measured.

Much like weight training, when it comes to exercises to make your penis bigger, if you dedicate yourself, you make some serious gains, but when staying inactive, you lose some of it… it’s like a 2 steps forward, 1 step back process.  However, in time, these two steps, minus the one step, really add up…

At first, I was very concerned to perform penis enlargement exercises.

I always figured my penis to be this frail appendage, and that penis enlargement techniques could ruin some sort of internal structure… but when first “dipping my small toe in the water”, I realized my penis was much more flexible and strong than I had expected.  So I put a little more strength into the stretches, pressure into the girth work… then I realized my penis continued responding positively, and I gained even more!

Until I did a head-first dive into the waters, and my penis thanked me by getting longer and thicker…

It’s a beautiful thing.

After performing these exercises to make the penis bigger for so long (I have times of intense work, times of taking it easy – maintenance work), I’ve been quite impressed about the way penis enlargement works… and wonder why large scale studies by reputable sources haven’t been done on the manual techniques.

Scientific Studies On A Specific Form Of Penis Enlargement

They have done studies on extension devices, though, which work similar to manual stretches… and after a time period of 6 months, men gained 33% more flaccid size, and 18% more when the penis was in a stretched out state. Erection quality was said to IMPROVE substantially (by 30%+).

At least science has seen this….

Personally, I believe you get a much better stretch with the manual exercises to make penis bigger, because you control the amount of pressure (and angle) better; you can feel how your penis is responding, and adjust… an extension device just stretches straight out/forward… in reality, some of the best stretches are in all types of angles.

(Interesting note: I know a man who used a “hanger”… a device that grips the shaft right behind the head, with a hook, where you can hang weights… this man claims to have gained nearly 5 inches in length… but said he “hung” for many hours a day, for nearly 10 years!)

So, science has backed up the fact that you can increase your penis size, which is quite cool… and as to major injuries, I’ve never (knock on wood) experienced one, nor have I heard of anyone else having any injuries… your penis is strong and resilient…

Give the exercises a try and you’ll see!

For more information on these manual exercises to make penis bigger, click here: https://www.mistermanpower.net/guide_to_penis_enlargement.php

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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