Heat Up The Meat: Proper Natural Penis Enlargement Warm-Up

Before doing any natural penis enlargement exercise, it is important to warm up your unit. I personally do all of my exercises in the shower, so this is very convenient. I cup both my hands under my flaccid penis, and hold it under the hot water…although, this is the most boring part of the exercises, it is both necessary and beneficial in order to avoid injuries. When doing this, you should warm up for a good 5 minutes. Warm down after exercises is also essential.

It is necessary, because without a properly warmed up unit, injuries and bruising happen much easier. Most of the times I have caused myself injury are because of insufficient warming up.

It is also beneficial because, with a more warmed up unit, your exercises bring better results. This is because a warmed up unit is more pliable/stretchable. It goes from being like a tight rubber band, to soft and spongy. Now you got something to work with.

Warm down is also important…not so much to prevent injuries, but it is believed that a warmed down unit maintains growth a lot better. It will keep it in an extended state, with more blood pumped for longer, hence cementing gains.

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-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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