How Long Does It Take For A Woman To Orgasm During Sex?

How long do you have to last to make a woman orgasm?  Is ten minutes enough?  20 minutes?

I remember reading some ignorant and misguided article stating it takes 15 minutes to make a woman orgasm… this is stupid because:

1) it doesn’t take into account the size of the penis and speed of penetration,

2) if the man knows HOW to penetrate to properly stimulate the clitoris, and

3) every woman is different as to how long it takes for her to orgasm during penetration.

In reality, a woman can have an orgasm in under five minutes if you get her mind and body is into it… and you penetrate correctly.  Or she can take more than an hour if her clitoris is far from the vaginal opening, or you don’t penetrate properly… or she may not have an orgasm at all…

So 15 minutes?  Where’d they come up with that number?  The writer of that article had probably never given a woman an orgasm in his life…

There is no definite answer as to how long it takes a woman to orgasm… just like there is no answer as to how big a penis needs to be to make a woman orgasm.

Penetrative technique and getting the woman’s mind and body properly turned on is more important than your penis size or stamina.

Stroke it right, and you’ll be giving her an orgasm in just a couple of minutes.  Even if you’re smaller than average.

Just know this: You need to stimulate the clit before and during sex to shorten the amount of time you need to perform.  Penetrating by rubbing your pelvis hard on the clit on the in- and out-stroke can help her get off quicker, as can rubbing the base of the penis against the clit… every woman is different though, and can respond to these techniques differently.  You also may need to tweak the angle of your penetration, and emphasis on the in- or -outstroke.

For a more indepth guide to making a woman orgasm during penetration, as well as orally and manually, check this out: How To Give A Penetration Orgasm, How To Make a Woman Orgasm

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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