How Lots Of Sex Keeps You Looking Younger – Ejaculate Often

This past weekend my girl stayed over my house, and we had sex about five times.  Between Saturday and Sunday I ejaculated about five or six times.  On Sunday afternoon I went into my bathroom and looked in the mirror.  My skin looked great, my hair looked great, my face looked very refreshed and rejuvenated.  I felt and looked like a million bucks.

I used to follow Taoist principles, which consists of conserving your semen and practicing complete ejaculation control.  Ejaculating often like this would have been breaking all the rules.

Taoists believe that your semen is your “life essence” or strength, and if you spill it (ejaculate), you are experiencing the “little death”.  Their belief is that ejaculating causes you to lose your manliness, your power, your vigor.

While practicing ejaculation control and saving my semen, I felt pretty strong, but at the same time I felt very tense…and I began to notice that my skin looked a little dryer, my eyes looked a little tired…overall I just looked and felt older.

I’ve completely changed my beliefs on ejaculation control.  I now ejaculate whenever I feel like it.  I’ve read a number of studies where ejaculating was shown to actually produce testosterone, and testosterone production leads to increased muscle mass, better looking skin, better sense of well-being, stronger sex drive, and a number of other benefits that will keep you feeling and looking younger and more potent.

One study was performed in a hospital in Scotland.  It was shown that men who had sex 4 or 5 times a week looked on average 10 years younger than men who only had sex twice a week.  This was attributed to the production of testosterone during ejaculation.  Women also appeared younger, due to the increase in production of estrogen during sex.  This hormone helps improve their hair, skin, and nails, amongst other things.

So keep on ejaculating, and keep on looking young!  Don’t hold back! Ejaculate often!!!

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  1. Savannah Storm says:

    Interesting, I have never spoken to anyone who actually followed the Taoist practice but I have read up on it. I have to agree for myself that I certainly feel better when I have had multiples.

  2. Yeah..I followed the Taoist ideas for a few years, and just recently switched over to the “ejaculate whenever I get the urge” theory… much more fun.

  3. Let´s Talk says:

    Yep, it´s like you lose a bit of life energy whilst giving it to your partner. I´m glad you´ve changed your mind. Conserving semem can be totally unhealthy: just take a look at a pond with no water flow in or out!! And enjoy your “Fountain of Youth”. :)

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