How to Achieve Harder Erections without Medication

If you have weak erections or problems getting hard, the first worry is that you may have erectile dysfunction.

You fear that you may have to take an embarrassing trip to the doctor’s office, he’s going to tell you there’s something wrong with your penis, and then you’re going to have to take Viagra every time you want an erection.

Here’s the problem…

Many times a man’s erectile failure is due to psychological issues… sexual performance anxiety is what it’s called.

Any fear, doubt, or worry will get in the way of your ability to achieve a hard, long lasting erection.

And if this man can get it up, most likely the erection doesn’t last long… losing the erection before entering the vagina, or losing the erection when putting on the condom.

This happens to many a young man with “erectile dysfunction”… it’s not actually erectile dysfunction, but more like a “psychological erectile dysfunction”.

Oftentimes, this “psychological erectile dysfunction” also happens to older men, who’ve never faced a problem getting hard, and they begin to doubt their erection abilities as well…

As I’ve referenced on here many times, I faced this same problem when I was younger, and freaked out, thinking there was something wrong with my own erection.

I couldn’t get an erection with a new chick, was embarrassed, emasculated… you name it.

How To Achieve Harder Erections

How To Achieve Harder Erections without Viagra

Well with a little soul searching and psychological help, I found out about the mental block to getting an erection I had, and figured out why I couldn’t achieve and keep a hard erection.

Part of it is accepting that the anxiety is there, not ignoring it or acting like it’s not there… relaxing to the best of your abilities, taking it slow, and getting as horny as possible.

Then there are some exercises you can do to train your mind to overcome sexual performance anxiety…

There are also exercises to physically improve the quality of your erections… beyond the mental aspect.  You can strengthen your “erection muscles”, like the pc/bc muscle, and others to improve the blood flow throughout your erection.

These exercises will give you harder, longer lasting erections ON COMMAND.  Physically harder erections that don’t go away, even for a while after you ejaculate.  This will provide you with even more confidence in your erection, making sexual performance anxiety all the easier to overcome.

Should be of some help!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
“the ultimate sex guide for men… male potency without drugs“

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