How To Be “The Best Fuck She’s Ever Had”

making a woman orgasm during sex How To Be "The Best Fuck She's Ever Had"On Christmas eve/morning at around 1:00 am, I ended up at a good friend’s house.

Every year, him and his crazy family get together, and party till early in the morning.  A bunch of wild, drunken aunts and hot cousins (and their hot friends).

After being there for a few minutes, I was invited to a shot by one of his cousins and her boyfriend. After shooting back the tequila, she asks me if I remember Kayla, one of their crazier cousins, whom I had a quick, wild fling with years back (before I kicked her to the curb for being a complete nutso…).

Kayla was hot, but a little, um… unbalanced.

I said, “yeah, I remember her, why?“… when unexpectedly she tells me “She said you were the best fuck she’s ever had“…

While I felt a little awkward for her man, who was standing right there, I said “wow… that’s a good thing to hear!”

It never gets old… I’ve heard variations of this from many women, but usually from their own mouths… but to hear it from someone else…

My Mr. Manpower skills have paid off BIG TIME over the years. Was it a shallow, egotistical satisfaction I received from hearing this? Yes, but at the same time, deep down it was very gratifying…

…especially because I used to be terrible in bed (pre-Kayla days), with premature ejaculation, a mediocre penis, weak erections, choking refractory period and no idea how to make a woman orgasm… but I’ve come a long way thanks to:

  • Natural penis enlargement exercises: I’ve increased my penis size by a little over an inch and a half (with more girth)… this makes my penetration even more effective, and makes it easier to make a woman orgasm.
  • Ejaculation control exercises: I’ve trained myself to last longer in bed… much longer.  I can delay ejaculation at will. And combined with increased knowledge on how to penetrate a woman during orgasm, I can hold out until a girl has had a few orgasms before I let loose with mine.
  • Erection strengthening exercises: I’ve developed harder, longer lasting erections that STAY HARD after ejaculation, at least for a long time.  I also achieve erections on command.
  • Natural libido enhancement tips I’ve gathered over the years: I have top notch testosterone production and sky high libido, allowing me to go for multiple rounds and reducing refractory period.
  • Male multiple orgasm technique: I’ve learned how to have multiple orgasms without losing any erection strength.

For more info on how I went from a complete loser in the sheets into an everlasting, rock hard, big-penetrating machine, check this out: Mr. Manpower’s Guide To Overall Manhood Enhancement

And it’s not just me… more than 20,000 men have downloaded my guide and have experienced the same transformation, becoming “the best fuck she’s ever had” type of men themselves!!

Have a happy holidays and new year!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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