Forced Male Multiple Orgasms – How To Pull Off Every Time

forced male multiple orgasmIf it weren’t for the refractory period, we’d all be top performers in bed.

Even little Joey with the 4 incher would be giving women orgasms, if you gave little Joe enough time.

But no, we have this stupid thing called the refractory period.  After we ejaculate, a heavy fog creeps over our mind (and genitals), and completely clouds our arousal. The gorgeous, arousing goddess we just had sex with loses a bit of her luster.. and if she’s not that attractive to begin with, then she looks butt-ugly.

Thanks to the refractory period, we want to just lay there… hunger kicks in, or perhaps sleepiness… but getting another erection and being mentally aroused enough to want to have sex again?  Out of the question.

Luckily there’s a way to maintain our libido after ejaculation and to force an erection after orgasm.


The question is not how to FORCE an erection after orgasm, but rather, how to KEEP an erection after orgasm.  (If you are inquiring about how to force an erection in general, because you are having problems getting an erection before sex, than this article will help you more…).

For you to keep your libido and stay hard after orgasm, you need to ELIMINATE the refractory period altogether.  In order to do this, you need to “trick” the system… you need to BLOCK the ejaculation during orgasm, and as long as you hold back the ejaculation while orgasming, you’ll keep your libido and erection strength.

In the end you’re not forcing anything… your erection will stay hard on its own, and the consecutive orgasms will happily occur.

You may have some slight weakening of your erection if you didn’t completely block off ALL of the ejaculation while orgasming, but if you blocked most of it, keep stimulation up, then you’ll be able to force an erection again, and keep on trucking.

Why and How I Learned the Male Multiple Orgasm

I began to learn to learn about this technique because I needed a way to overcome my premature ejaculation.

When I had sex, it was as if the woman was JUST about to have orgasm, but I had ejaculated already, lost my erection (and the will to continue), and she didn’t make it past the finish line. This happened every time, with every woman. I began to avoid sex due to the embarrassment of this constantly occurring.

In time though, I found one girl whom I loved very much, and ended up dating and having sex with on a regular basis. I wanted to satisfy this girl sexually so bad (especially because sex was so important to her), but was never able to make her cum…

In time, due to the stress of her being dissatisfied in bed, and me obsessively trying to make her orgasm (I must have lost gallons of semen in the process), our relationship began to fall apart. Slowly in front of her eyes (and my own), I changed from the confident, self-assured man she was attracted to, to a subservient, whimpering pussy she lost respect for.

She left me after a few months, and this sent me on an obsessive mission to learn how to last longer during sex and make her cum.

I locked myself in my little apartment, and digested tons of books on overcoming premature ejaculation, cunnilingus tactics, and more ways to be more effective in bed. I purchased a couple of books on the male multiple orgasm technique, in order to see if I could cure my premature ejaculation that way.

It wasn’t an easy technique to master. It took me a bit to master it, but once I got it down!!!!

The Day I Learned To Stay Hard For Multiple Orgasms

I remember practicing the male multiple orgasm technique one day with one of those free magazines they have on the way out of the strip club… it was a picture of some girl with long black curly hair, a thin waist, and a nice, high, plump ass… it reminded me of my ex.

I pictured it as her, and I worked my way up to my first orgasm… as I approached the point of no return, I clamped down hard, blocked the entire ejaculation, saw my penis jumping with orgasmic contractions (but this time it was a dry orgasm), and then I continued on with a full erection!  I had wiped out the urge to ejaculate, and I was still horny; it was as if I had just started fucking! Like I pressed the reset button.

I continued on stroking (knowing that my ex would have had an orgasm by now), and as I approached the second orgasm a few minutes later, I repeated the process, and YET AGAIN, I STAYED HARD AFTER ORGASM AND CONTINUED ON WITH A STRONG LIBIDO AND ROCK HARD ERECTION!!

Sadly, I never got the chance to use the technique on her… in time I got over her, but thanks to this painful experience, I learned a powerful sexual technique that has been my sidekick in overcoming premature ejaculation and making MANY WOMEN orgasm.

Click here for more information on how to force male multiple orgasms, see here!

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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