Caffeine and Erectile Dysfunction – Coffee Can Help Hardness

caffeine and erectile dysfunction 300x259 Caffeine and Erectile Dysfunction - Coffee Can Help HardnessI love coffee.

Might be my Latin genes, might just be human nature, but I always need my cup of coffee in the morning to give me that kick in the butt to start my day.

And apparently, it’s giving me a kick in the pants as well (not the bad kind, either…).

A new study carried out at the University of Texas has shown that men who drink between 85 and 170 milligrams of caffeine a day were 42% LESS LIKELY to report having erectile dysfunction than men who drank very little, or no, caffeine.

That is a massive, and very significant finding!

In order to get the rock hard erections described in the study, you need to drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee… at least for me, that’s quite a bit.

I like to start off the day with a nice-sized cup, but any more than that (or later in the day), and I can’t sleep at night… and lack of sleep = lower testosterone levels and reduced blood circulation, which could lead to erectile dysfunction on it’s own.

But my one cup has to at least be contributing somewhat to this positive, erection strengthening effect.

Some other interesting findings: this higher caffeine consumption contributed to a reduction in ED in overweight and obese men, as well as men with hypertension. It did not, however, help men with diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the strongest risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, these exercises for harder erections have helped many men with diabetes get their rock hard erections back.

I have a friend with diabetes who’s emailed me back and forth over the years.  He’s in his mid 40’s with type 1 diabetes, and thanks to these exercises, has been able to restore his erection strength back to normal. Others have shared similar feedback.

So just how does caffeine help you achieve stronger erections?

The science behind the caffeine erection boost, is that the caffeine relaxes the arteries and smooth tissue that lines the shaft, increasing penile blood flow… similar to the function of Viagra and Cialis (but to a lesser degree).

The sources of caffeine in the study were coffee, tea, sports drinks, and soda.

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