How to Give A Woman A Penetration Orgasm (FREE GUIDE!)

How to give orgasm to woman penetrationThe mysterious female orgasm… Why is it so elusive?  Why is it so hard to get her there?

At least for men, there’s a finish line… an indicator of when you got there (ejaculation) But after that?  In most cases, you’re assed out… you can’t keep going.

Women on the other hand can even have an orgasm and continue on being horny!  Plus they WOULD HAVE had an orgasm if you just lasted a little longer…

How unfair is this shit??

Our orgasm is so simple and straight forward… there’s is confusing and involves numerous aspects: mental, physical and um… clitoral… (which I guess falls under physical).

Making a woman orgasm during intercourse is not about hitting it doggystyle, or with the legs up on your shoulders, or playing with the anus, or pulling the hair, or any other simple, so called solution.  There’s a lot of bullshit info out their simplifying the female orgasm without mentioning some of the most important aspects… You can do all these things and still have an unsatisfied lady in your bed.

If you don’t stimulate the clit, then you might as well call it quits. That’s The

First!  Warm her up.

Take the time to go down on her and get that clit to come out from hiding under it’s hood.  Enlarge that clit like you’re giving her a mini clit boner… these oral sex techniques work wonders for stimulating the clit and getting it warmed up

(note: if you want to make her orgasm during intercourse, don’t continue on the oral for too long or she’s going to be finishing in your mouth… just use it to get her primed and ready for the death stroke!)

Also, spend time warming her up in her other erotic areas… lick the nipples, suck her neck and earlobes (if she likes that… some women actually hate it), say nasty things to her… put her hand on your dick… get her head thinking real nasty.

If she’s the lover type, fill her head with some love stuff… get her nice and warmed up… mentally turning her on is VERY important.

(another note: there’ve been studies where women were able to give themselves orgasms USING ONLY THEIR OWN THOUGHTS… it took a long time — about 40 minutes in one case I can remember–, but without any physical stimulation they were able to have an orgasm… hence the importance of getting her mentally stimulated before and during sex).

When you finally do dive in, push your pelvis into her clit hard, and don’t let up, even on the out-stroke.   Keep pushing into the clit with your pelvis –VERY IMPORTANT.

While penetrating, do all the little extra tricks, like pulling hair, playing with her anus, sucking on nipples… make sure to talk dirty as well. Get her mind closer to orgasm, and it makes the physical job easier.

Sometimes women will orgasm RIGHT after you reach yours, as long as you can stay hard enough (and mentally strong enough) to get her there.

It’s sort of like, what it took you to get your orgasm, she needs just a LITTLE more than that… therefore, even after you ejaculate, keep on penetrating with all you got… you can usually keep a pretty hard erection for a while after ejaculating, so with all the might and force in your guts and mind, keep on going, and don’t let up (everything will be telling you to stop and rest, but IGNORE IT!  Your a man!  Keep on going and GIVE her that orgasm!!)

In time, with these steps in mind, you’ll be able to give a woman an orgasm during penetration (or two, or three)… even if it’s not every time, that’s fine… but you’ll raise your batting average substantially.

And listen, with 75-85% of the male population striking out when at bat, you’ll be way ahead of the competition…

Now, if you need a little extra help in giving a woman an orgasm, like the ability to last longer during sex before you orgasm, or how to stay hard after ejaculation just a little longer, these techniques work wonders:

Have fun giving her multiples!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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