How To Increase Sex Drive On Antidepressants, Naturally

The majority of antidepressants suppress your sex drive to some degree.  Especially the SSRI’s, such as lexapro, zoloft, paxil, etc.  The problem is, depression can be a very serious problem for many people, and taking meds like these can really be life changing… but having a reduction in libido at the same time is not the nicest side effect.

So is there anything you can do to boost your sex drive when on SSRI’s? Yes, there is…

By increasing your testosterone production, you’ll boost your libido to the point that it will offset the decrease in libido that the meds create. There are a number of ways to naturally increase your testosterone production (take note, follow this advice even when not on meds, and you’ll experience a super libido boost as well):

1) Get some sunlight every day.  Wear some sunscreen on your face, so you don’t end up looking like Dog the Bounty Hunter, but exposure to sunrays has been shown to increase natural testosterone production quite a bit.

2) Eat a significant amount of fats… healthy fats or not, having some fat in your diet is important for testosterone production.  Eat nothing but grilled chicken salads, and you’ll become a chick.   (Don’t over do it either, excessive stomach fat — relative to how you naturally are — can increase estrogen production).

3) Get in the gym, even if just a couple of times a week.  Heavy compound workouts are great for boosting testosterone production.  Especially the leg muscles (squats, leg press), but chest and back as well.

4) Get your 8 hours of sleep a night.  At night is when we recharge our T levels… chronic lack of sleep will equal chronic lack of T.

These are just some things you can do to naturally increase sex drive while on antidepressants.  For more natural ways to boost testosterone levels and increase male libido (even when not on meds), check this out: How to Increase Sex Drive / Increase Male Libido

Follow this guide, and you’ll be able to stay happy on your meds, and happy with your sex life.

(note: as to “unnatural” ways of increasing libido while on medication, ask your doctor to put you on Wellbutrin.  This medication has been shown to actually increase libido… just a heads up.)

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr Manpower’s Guide to
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