How To Boost Erections & Libido While On Zoloft

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How To Boost Erections & Libido While on Zoloft

A couple of years back I came down with Bell’s Palsy.

This emotionally and physically crippling disease completely paralyzes half of your face.  The half that is paralyzed hangs from your face, your eye hangs open, your mouth sags and hangs to the side… when you smile only half of your face is functional, and makes you look like you’re sneering at people.  You can’t close the affected eye, and pretty much have ZERO control over the affected side.

I’m a relatively young man, unmarried, and having this problem was horrifying… I had terrible thoughts of never finding another woman who would like me, along with all sorts of other mental and physical problems.

I had to tape my eye closed to go to sleep, I had no tears being produced in my tear duct (had to constantly use artificial tears), had all sorts of deep wrinkles on the affected side, I would try and smile at somebody and they’d look at me with a strange face… I couldn’t properly convey my emotions… it was a nightmare.

Good news is two years later, with therapy, rest, and good diet, I’m about 95% back to normal… if anything I’ve been complimented on a sly, sexy smile.

But 4 months into the disease, when 85% of bell’s palsy sufferers would have been 100% healed, I was at only about 40%… my doctor told me I might never heal all the way.

I felt like my life was over… he could see this… he put me on a low dose of Zoloft (50 mg) which he quickly increased to 250 mg to help mentally cope with the situation.

The first week or so of taking the Zoloft I was vomiting, had diarrhea, felt whacked out… couldn’t sleep at all.

But after a short while of taking the Zoloft I felt like I could cope with my Bell’s Palsy situation much better.  I was able to “step back” from the situation, looked at it in a more realistic light, realized I didn’t look that bad, and became more patient.  Most of the side effects of the medication disappeared within a couple of weeks…

However, I still had this damn non-existent libido and weak as hell erections that I couldn’t improve.

I didn’t want to get off of the zoloft because of this.  The medication was very much helping me cope with my situation, and at least for the time being, was more important than my sexual situation.

However, a few months into the medication, and some further healing of my face, I met a beautiful young woman who accepted everything about me… and this led to sex.

I had ZERO drive to initiate anything sexually and weak ass erections… and she noticed.

I’ve always known ways that I can naturally boost my testosterone production, which in turn would boost my sex drive, libido and potency.

I also know of some erection strengthening exercises, such as exercises to strengthen the “erection muscles” (pc/bc muscles and pelvic swing), and others to manually improve the blood flow to my penis.

Due to the depressing circumstances I had been facing, I gave up on most of these libido enhancing and erectile strengthening techniques.

Compound weightlifting workouts that concentrate on your legs, chest and back increase testosterone production, and so does a little exposure to sunlight everyday.

However, I didn’t want to go to the gym out of fear that I would strain my face, and I didn’t go outside much because squinting was nearly impossible (being out in the sun was almost like torture).

But now that I had this beautiful young woman in my life whom I wanted to satisfy more than anything… it was time to get started again on my “male enhancement” routine.

My face had healed quite a bit, so I was able to get back into the gym without too much trouble.  I quickly worked my way up to peak testosterone producing muscle mass through my regimen of squats, bench press, back rows, etc…

I purchased some classy shades, and spent a little more time getting my exposure to sunlight.

I consumed estrogen reducing broccoli and cauliflower, as well as upping my intake of healthy fats.

I also performed my erection strengthening exercises every other day…

I was still taking the high dose of Zoloft, and hadn’t gone off of it for another half a year.

However, during this last half a year of taking Zoloft, with the help of my libido enhancement and erection strengthening techniques, I got back to being the manly, sexual guy I had always been, and was able to give my girl all that she wanted.

There are a number of things a man can do to naturally boost his testosterone production, which will lead to an increase in libido, sex drive and potency… for more information on these guidelines to naturally boost libido, click here…

There are also a few easy to do exercises which greatly strengthen the hardness and duration of your erections… check out these strengthening exercises to naturally boost erections here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men; Male Potency without Drugs

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