Avoid Retrograde Ejaculation During Male Multiple Orgasms

I received this email today from somebody who is having issues performing the male multiple orgasm technique…

He is facing the main issue most men face when learning the male multiple orgasm technique, a potent technique that allows you the ability to maintain your erection after your orgasm, and have orgasm after orgasm without losing your hard-on… more info below.



You seem to provide a very complete sex guide. But before I make my purchase I’d like to know:

In my process to becoming multi-orgasmic, I can stop my ejaculation while having an orgasm. However I lose my erection just after, as if I had ejaculated. Do you explain how to solve this problem in your guide? I’ve read this can be harmful.

Thank you,



My response:

Hello Lawrence:

You lost your erection while performing the male multiple orgasm technique because you did ejaculate; no semen came out of your penis, but you did ejaculate inwards, towards the bladder

This is called a retrograde ejaculation, and it is harmless.  However, a retrograde ejaculation will cause your male multiple orgasm attempt to fail.

If you want to check and see if it’s a retrograde ejaculation, urinate into a clear cup or glass (the first time you piss after you had the retrograde ejaculation), and look at the urine… it should be bubbly, with segments of sperm floating around, looking a little like a watery egg drop soup.

A retrograde ejaculation could have happened for a couple of reasons, that can be corrected.

In most cases, you aren’t completely cutting off the ejaculation because you’re not holding the PC squeeze for long enough or hard enough.  Your PC muscle must be trained for you to be able to really slam down the PC muscle and master this technique

It also could have happened because you did the PC squeeze a millisecond or two too late (that’s all it takes).  This late pc squeeze will keep you from outwardly ejaculating, but you will still have a retrograde ejaculation, and this causes you to lose your erection.

If you completely cut off the entire ejaculation during orgasm, you will maintain a full, hard erection after orgasm.   When you are first learning the male multiple orgasm, you might have a 70 – 90% erect level that quickly returns to 100% with a little stimulation, until you master the technique.

Yes I explain how to overcome a retrograde ejaculation in my guide.  I’ll also show you how to master the male multiple orgasm technique, I’ll provide you with the exercises to properly strengthen and train your PC muscle to it’s max, as well as steer you away from another couple of pitfalls that you should avoid.

Also, as I mentioned, a retrograde ejaculation is not harmful.

You may have seen in some places, they mention a retrograde ejaculation as a symptom of certain diseases, or an irregularity in your “wiring”.  In this case, they are referring to spontaneous retrograde ejaculations… like they happen on their own.

In the case of male multiple orgasms, you are only having a retrograde ejaculations because of your attempt to pull off technique, and the hard pc squeeze. Just attempting the technique, and having a retrograde ejaculation as a side effect, does not mean this will somehow become a permanent condition.

Hope this clears things up.

If you’d like a more indepth guide to mastering male multiple orgasms without having retrograde ejaculations, this will help…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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