How To Last Forever In Bed By Eliminating Refractory Period

last forever in bedAs men, our sexual performance has a finish line – this is ejaculation.

Once we ejaculate, our penis shrinks back to normal, all of our sexual tension (and drive) is released, and then a chemical concoction kicks in… causing the refractory period

A mixture of oxytocin, vasopressin, and prolactin (among other hormones), flood your mind and body, making you want to rest, or go to sleep… but makes getting an erection impossible. Sex is the last thing on your mind after ejaculating.

Prolactin has such a powerful relaxation effect, that animals injected with prolactin, immediately get tired…

And the refractory period is bad news if you suffer from premature ejaculation… because most likely you finished so quickly that your girl didn’t have an orgasm, and then your penis is useless… unable to get the job done… THANKS REFRACTORY PERIOD, FOR MAKING US USELESS AFTER EJACULATION!

At least that’s how I used to feel. I suffered from premature ejaculation for a long time, and seeing a girl orgasm with my own penis seemed like an impossible dream… something I would never realize.  I’d last a couple of minutes, ejaculate (without being able to enjoy it, due to guilt), and then I’d have a lifeless penis and zero sex drive.

And the interesting thing is, studies have shown that an orgasm during sex releases 4 TIMES the prolactin than an orgasm during masturbation… so the refractory period is even STRONGER at the time we need our penis the most!

However, You Can Cheat the System and Last Forever in Bed with The Male Multiple Orgasm Technique!

What if there were no downtime after an orgasm?  What if you could eliminate your refractory altogether?

You’d have a never-ending erection, that you can continue on penetrating with for as long as you’ve like… you’ll be able to last forever in bed, as orgasm would no longer be the end of your performance.

With an ancient Taoist technique, you can learn how to stay hard after having multiple orgasms. The technique is called the male multiple orgasm.

I will tell you this, you need the proper guidance to master this technique. You need to have a SUPER strong PC muscle, you need to know EXACTLY when to clamp down, how long to clamp down for… but once you got it down, you will be able to last forever in bed, and have multiple male orgasms in a row without having worry about a finish line.

For more information on how to perform the male multiple orgasm technique, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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