“How to Last Long Enough During Penetration to Give a Woman Multiple Orgasms”

The Taoists called sex the “rosy battle”…

While a beautiful thing (rosy), sex is still to be taken serious (a battle).

Keep your lady from having an orgasm long enough, and you better believe she will begin looking for that orgasm elsewhere… most women that is.

And can you blame them?

Imagine every time you were having sex, when you built up to that extreme pleasure right before orgasm, she stops short…

Right before you are going over the edge into that ecstatic bliss known as orgasm, she stops, leaving you all hot and bothered, and then looks at you and says “sorry”…

Imagine she did this night after night…

While you may love this woman, can you understand where the frustration over lack of orgasm comes into play?  And how this frustration may lead you to drastic measures to get that much needed orgasm?

However, the unfair part about this situation is the way that us men are equipped.

Most of us men have a penis that ejaculates before we’d like it to, and loses all it’s strength once we ejaculate…

This makes it hard to make a woman orgasm, especially considering that women usually require just a little bit more stimulation then we were built to give.

Now… there are a couple of things you need to know.

First of all, you can have a 9 inch penis, and the ability to last hours, and STILL not be able to give a woman an orgasm.


Well, the clitoris is responsible for the female orgasm.

While she can experience orgasms thru stimulation of the g-spot and cervix, the majority of women orgasm mostly through clitoral stimulation.

You can control the pleasure of a six-foot Amazonian model all with the stimulation of this little button the size of a pencil eraser.

So you can drill a woman all day, and still not be able to make her orgasm.

That’s why women love to get on top… and when they get on top they rub back and forth, or in circles… rather than in and out… they are rubbing their clitoris the way they like, with your penis inside of her, and can get off on this.

However, women also crave a man who takes charge.

A hair-pulling, ass-spanking caveman who grabs her and treats her like a rag doll… and makes her orgasm without her having to do anything.  All women crave this deep down.

Sure, women LOVE to get eaten out, but there’s only so many oral orgasms you can give a woman… they crave that manly penetration.

This is where you’re technique and ejaculation control comes in.

1) you need to stroke her in ways that hit her hot spots, whether it be the clitoris or g-spot, or cul-de-sac

2) you need to maintain tight control over your thoughts and physical arousal.

While you don’t want to think of something else like baseball (worst advice ever), you still don’t want to “zero in” on overly arousing thoughts and visuals… all-the-while maintaining a vice-like grip on your thoughts.

I know, holding back from ejaculating during sex is easier said than done… especially when you have  a near-orgasm woman wrapping her legs around you, nipples on your chest, scratching your back, moaning louder and louder, and telling you to “keep going”, and “go harder”…

that’s when it’s hardest to maintain ejaculation control and not blow your load… that’s when sex become a rosy battle for real.

But let me tell you this, regardless of how bad a man’s premature ejaculation, with the proper ejaculation control exercises and training, he can learn to last hours of non-stop penetration, regardless of the “distractions”.

And with the proper knowledge on how to make a woman orgasm, any man can give his woman back-to-back, mind-blowing, squirting orgasms during this long performance.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

“male potency without drugs“

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