How To Maintain Your Erection After Ejaculation

cant get it up e1438288911517 257x300 How To Maintain Your Erection After EjaculationGrowing up, I was never given the gift of being able to maintain my erection after ejaculation…

I would always ejaculate, and then immediately lose my erection.  When I was much younger I had the ability to get my erection up almost immediately… I was a boiling kettle of testosterone and extreme excitement due to the newness of sex…

But as I’ve gotten older, my refractory period grew longer, and it became harder to get it up quickly after ejaculation.

I know of some people who claim to have been given the gift of staying erect after ejaculation, and keeping it until they had a second, or even third ejaculation.

I’ve always been envious of these men, because that implies that they can last a really long time during sex, and experience very high levels of pleasure.

I’ve even experimented with erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra in order to be able to experience this (and it worked, I was able to continue after after ejaculation until a second ejaculation… but I felt like I was “cheating”).

Training Yourself To Be Able To Keep An Erection After Ejaculation – For Multiple Ejaculations

I once remember reading a post from a man in his 40’s who never had the ability to stay hard after ejaculation, but TRAINED himself to do so… he said it was a combination of the following:

  • Large amounts of cardio
  • Ejaculating multiple times a day, so your body gets used to the “need” to ejaculate
  • Learning to develop a strong mind state during and after ejaculation, so that you keep on going (even if you lose some erection strength, keep on pushing, try and stay mentally aroused, and your erection can come back – after doing this multiple times, you “train” yourself, so you don’t lose as much erection strength, and your body and mind get used to it).
  • Being highly mentally aroused

However, this is not like riding a bike… you need to keep up the training to keep up this ability. And with my personal beliefs on ejaculation being tied to motivation and strength (excessive ejaculation leaves me ZAPPED and useless), I’ve never been that interested in this “endurance training”.

Exercises For Harder Erections That Won’t Go Away – Even After Ejaculation

In my own personal case, for a number of years now, I’ve been performing a set of exercises that has substantially strengthened my internal “erection muscles”, been doing some manual exercises on my shaft to improve the bloodflow /circulation throughout the penis, as well as certain activities to boost my testosterone production

This has reduced my refractory period, and has allowed me to keep an erection after ejaculation… usually not until a second ejaculation, but I can keep a rock hard erection for a good while longer (although on occasion I can get a second ejaculation out, it’s not common – I need to be REALLY horny).

The other day I was having sex with my girl, and after ejaculating I got up to say something to my roommate, and realized I was walking around with a full-blown erection.

I looked down, my girl laughed and told me to close the door.  I’ve never seen this.  It took a good three to four minutes for my erection to subside, AFTER EJACULATION.

This implies that I could have put my penis back in my girl and continued to have sex with her, and probably could have continued on until a next ejaculation.

How To Stay Hard After Orgasm WITHOUT Ejaculating

I know how to maintain my erection after orgasm with the male multiple orgasm technique, but I have to cut off the ejaculation during orgasm… this allows me to continue on going for as many dry orgasms as I’d like, and then I release with an ejaculatory orgasm on the last one.

The good thing about being able to maintain an erection after orgasm is that even though you are technically “finished”, you can continue on with the penetration for A LOT longer… a great solution if you are suffering from PE.

If you are experiencing weaker erections than usual, or you would like the ability to maintain an erection after ejaculation, you should look into these erection strengthening exercises I do.

And, no, they are not just kegels… much more than that.

If you follow these exercises for stronger erections, you will have erections that are physically harder, longer lasting, and become fully erect quicker… not to mention, you’ll be able to keep a rock hard erection after ejaculation for a long time.

For more information on these erection exercises to improve the condition and strength of your penis, check this out…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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